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Karma Introduces New 50GB Pulse Plan for Only $150/month

Karma, a New York City-based MVNO operating under Sprint's network, has just made some new additions to its subscription plan options. Announcing the change earlier in the week, the MVNO has added the option to get 50GB of data for only $150 per month. With the addition of this new data pricing, Karma's Pulse options range from:

  • 5GB - $40/month
  • 10GB - $75/month
  • 20GB - $140/month
  • 25GB 50GB - $150/month
The 50GB/month promo is a special offer that may be obtained until Dec. 31, 2016. Only the first 1,000 customers can get their data doubled until this end date.

Karma makes it easy for customers to switch between Pulse and Refuel so you can pay as you go. In addition to this, your data does not expire so you can enjoy it in full. You can make the switch through Karma's mobile apps, where you can also check your usage, manage billing, enable premium features, and see who has hopped onto your connection. 

Sharing WiFi

Karma believes WiFi is best enjoyed when it is shared with other people. This is why every Karma Go connection is available to everyone around you. And whenever you share your connection, you and that other person will receive a reward from Karma. On Refuel, you receive 100MB of data. On Pulse, however, you get a $1 credit that can be deducted from your bill. 

You may get your Karma Go device 4G LTE pocket-sized WiFi with a $50 discount when you sign up with one of the plans available under Karma Pulse. Originally, the device costs $149 but will be reduced to $99 with a Pulse plan. If you opt to use this with Refuel, you will have to pay the full price of the device and add $15/GB. Refuel is a pay as you go option with no expiration dates. The device can connect up to 8 devices simultaneously.

Find out more about Karma's offers by visiting their website.

Source: Karma


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  1. "your data does not expire so you can enjoy it in full"

    Just to clarify, this statement only applies to Refuel right?

    1. Right, data on Refuel doesn't expire. Pulse is use it in a month or lose it.

  2. $3/GB is a great rate for mobile data, but $150 is a bit steep for a landline replacement.

    Even the fiefdoms don't charge that much.

    In fact, they'll throw in landline service and a couple hundred channels for less.

    There's also a lot of doubt over whether or not Karma will even honor this deal in the long run.

    What's to stop them from pulling the rug out again because customers weren't actually supposed to use their full 50GB?

    Karma screwed customers over once before, so they'd definitely have no problem doing it again.

    After all, $3/GB is a suspiciously low rate that you don't normally see anywhere, not even on RingPlus.

    It could be some sort of bait and switch trap, much like their unlimited 5mbps LTE was.

    You know, because they just never could've guessed that people would use unlimited data on an unlimited data plan.


    1. After the unlimited prank, this company is dead to me.

  3. Christine, please don't put "only $xxx" in headlines or stories. That wording is hyperbole and exaggeration for ads, not for news stories.

    1. Twelve ways Karma is changing wireless.
      You won't believe number 7!

    2. On top of that *only* $150 really?

      How about the all new iPhone only $750

    3. Yes, Christine, you can do better.

      Please use such language when it is actually a significant savings.

  4. EyeAmNoLongerInfectedAugust 11, 2016 at 2:39 AM

    50 GB for $150 would've been sweet, if there was no expiration date for the data.

    1. Even so it would be risky, because there could be an expiration date on Karma.

  5. "Karma believes WiFi is best enjoyed when it is shared with other people."

    That's nice but I come here to find
    out what YOU believe, not what's in the press release. Is this good, bad, what? Seems pricey to me but I'm no expert.

    1. Good or bad depends on your needs and budget. You can compare Karma's prices with the competition here: US Prepaid Mobile Broadband Plans Compared | Prepaid Phone News.

      If you have a need for 50 GB of mobile broadband per month in Sprint markets only, $150 is as cheap as it gets. But the deal is only good until 12/31/16 when the price reverts to 25 GB for $150, which is nothing special.

    2. It's an ok deal for as long as it lasts, providing you have decent native Sprint coverage and use the full allotment.

      There's also business resellers like 4G Antenna Shop, which sell 20GB for $55 or less.

      Those resellers don't always last, though.

      Ideally, you'd have a much cheaper home wifi connection for large sums of data.

      Otherwise, you can also subscribe to a $5 VPN and leech off public wifi.

      The last alternative to Karma, at least if you're using a phone full time, is a $60 unlimited plan from Metro, a $55 plan from Boost or a $50 group line from Cricket.

      Cricket is throttled to 8mbps, and gets real shitty (but not unusable) during peak congestion, but it boasts better coverage from AT&T for those who need it.

      Anyway, barring a landline or extremely light usage, it's better to use a phablet on an unlimited data plan than to pay out the ass for mobile hotspots.

      Laptops, tablets and other non-phone devices are often treated as undesirables on these networks (tech-ism!), and you're basically paying a tax just for using them.

  6. "Cricket is throttled to 8mbps, and gets real shitty (but not unusable) during peak congestion, but it boasts better coverage from AT&T for those who need it."

    LMAO... Don't say that to the cricket fun club around...

    1. Anon please.

      I've been a member of that club since shortly after FEDmageddon, back when Cricket sold the Idol 3 for $50.

      And I only hit those shitty speeds on purpose, just to test what coverage was like at peak time.

      Outside of that, Cricket's been great during various cable and power outages.

      The only Cricket outage I've ever experienced was on a Friday night when I didn't need service anyway, and it netted me a free $10 credit just for calling in about it.

      I mean, sure, I'd rather wait until Black Friday, top up $50 to put a $50 Boost phablet on a "free" RingPlus 5GB plan, and then have it last for the next one or two years, but the days of paying $100/yr for a decent phone and a hefty sum of data are over.

      No more 2c data overages, either.

      With that being the case, Cricket's group lines are the next best thing, at least if your usage is too sporadic to predict.

      Otherwise, you're stuck with uncompetitive paygo options that jack their data rates up so insanely high that you might even wind up paying $100 for a single GB.

      It's similar to how hotspot/data-only pricing is oftentimes so inflated that you might as well pay for a landline, leech off public wifi, leech off your neighbor's wifi, or just use you phone on an unlimited data plan.

      After a certain point, the price is so high (e.g. $150) that every alternative, even the ones you're trying to avoid, look better in comparison.

      And all it takes is a history of screwing over customers for people (at least the ones who got burned) to avoid certain "deals" like the plague.

      IMO, that's why the hotspot market remains an all around disappointment.

      Without unlimited data plans that cap the price ceiling at an affordable level, hotspots and mobile broadband will never become the viable alternative to home wifi that they need to be in order to become more than just a niche.

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