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More Data for Less - U.S. Cellular Updates Ready Connect Prepaid Plans

U.S. Cellular - Never Run Out of Data

U.S. Cellular, the nation's largest regional operator, and 5th largest operator overall, has updated its Ready Connect prepaid plans. Ready Connect, which is sold by multiple national retailers including Walmart, Dollar General, and Amazon.com is distinct from the Simple Connect prepaid brand available from U.S. Cellular stores. The main differences between Ready Connect and Simple Connect are that Ready Connect plans cost less but require the use of specific, mostly low end, phones. Simple Connect allows any phone that U.S. Cellular sells or that can be used on postpaid.

The changes are mostly positive. There's a a new $25/month plan with 100 minutes, unlimited messaging and unlimited data with the first 1 GB at high speed. Most of the other plans got more high speed data although some plan's prices went up. There's a new $75/month unlimited plan with 10 GB of high speed data. Also new are $5/month auto pay discounts on the $45 and $55 plans and a $10 auto pay discount on the new $75 plan. The table below details the changes.

New Old
Price Minutes High Speed Data Price Minutes High Speed Data
$25 100 1 GB Not Available
$35 Unlimited 1 GB $35 Unlimited  None (1xRTT only)
Not Available $40 Unlimited 1.5 GB
$45 ($40 auto pay) Unlimited 3 GB $45 Unlimited 3 GB
$55 ($50 auto pay) Unlimited 6 GB $50 Unlimited 4 GB
$75 ($65 auto pay) Unlimited 10 GB Not Available
All plans include unlimited messaging and unlimited 1xRTT data after the High Speed Data is used.

See our Prepaid Operator Profile - U.S. Cellular post for more about U.S. Cellular including Simple Connect plan details.

Source: U.S Cellular via Prepaid Mobile Phone Reviews


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  1. If their coverage is worse than T-Mobile and Sprint I cant imagine myself using their service.

  2. Their coverage is often superior to T-Mobile and Sprint -- in the regions they serve. US Cellular does not claim to be a national carrier.

    1. I'm glad they are not...i couldn't bear another company claiming nationwide coverage with as many shortcomings as T-Mobile and Sprint.

  3. Usc is strong on the northeast from my experience, better than T-Mobile and Sprint.

    1. Not just better than T-Mobile and Sprint. In many rural areas and small towns areas US Cellular is the only or best carrier.

    2. In Iowa USC is way better than all the others. It just depends on your region.

    3. If USC is the only option in rural areas and towns, well I guess one would have to go with it. Isn't it nice when you have options where to choose?

  4. It's refreshing that USC presents itself as they are. There's none of the deceptive advertising like from Sprint and T-Mobile in which they claim to run in the same league with Verizon and AT&T. Which they don't yet.

  5. Typo in first paragraph: should read plans
    ". . .are that Ready Connect pans cost less . . ."

  6. No where in $5 discount advertised does it say not available to existing auto pay customers. They are not allowing existing auto pay $5 monthly discount.

  7. U.S. Cellulars' Ready Connect Plans have gain additional data. $45 ($40 auto pay) Unlimited 3 GB NOW 4 GB
    $55 ($50 auto pay) Unlimited 6 GB NOW 8 GB
    $75 ($65 auto pay) Unlimited 10 GB NOW 12 GB

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