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Save on Mobile Phone and Broadband Service For Your Business - Prepaid Business Resellers Compared

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The last couple of years has seen the rise of a new way to sell low cost prepaid mobile service. Called "business resellers" (BRs), these new companies resell mobile phone service from one of the major networks at even lower prices than traditional prepaid MVNOs. The BR's plans often include postpaid-only perks like free domestic and international roaming and audio and video streaming that doesn't count against the plan's data cap.

As the name implies, business resellers are supposed to only sell to businesses. Most of the resellers accept businesses of any size, including sole proprietors. Typically customers only need to supply a business name and an EIN, sometimes just an SSN to qualify and there's little or no verification that prospective customers actually operate businesses.

Although they tend to offer good value, the BRs have a major downside, they tend to go out of business quickly and with little warning. I'm not sure why that's the case, but the lack of verification is probably one reason. There's also evidence that at least some of the failed BRs were opening large multi-line business accounts and reselling the separate lines to individuals. I suspect that's not allowed by the reseller's contract with the mobile operator.

Here are a few of the BRs of the past that are no longer active:

  • 35orLess, which was a T-Mobile reseller, launched in December, 2014 and stopped accepting new customers three months later on Mar, 2014. Current customers were allowed to keep their service.
  • Harbor Mobile launched in July, 2014 as a T-Mobile reseller. Harbor stopped accepting new customers a year later but current customers were allowed to keep their service. Harbor relaunched as an AT&T reseller in November, 2014 and shut down six months later, giving customers only 60 hours notice. AT&T based customers were not able to keep there service but were allowed to switch to AT&T or port their numbers to a new operator. At the beginning of November, 2017, Harbor notified its remaining customers that their T-Mobile service would end December 1, 2017. 
  • Mobal Freedom was a T-Mobile business reseller from international roaming SIM vendor Mobal Communications. It launched in April 2015 and stopped accepting new customers two months later. Current customers were allowed to keep their plans and numbers.
  • BlueGreen Mobile (formerly Smartel) launched in September 2015 as a T-Mobile reseller. BlueGreen added AT&T service shortly after launch.Bluegreen stopped accepting new customers at the beginning of October, 2016. The Bluegreen website has been unavailable since November 25, 2016.
  • 4G Antenna Shop (4GAS) has been in business since 2011 selling cellular modems and antennas. 4GAS began reselling T-Mobile mobile broadband service since late 2015. For customers with addresses in areas without T-Mobile service, 4GAS offered mobile broadband service on AT&T. Effective 2/22/2018 4GAS is no longer accepting new customers.
In spite of their tendency to disappear with little or no warning, so far customers have been able to keep their numbers, and in most cases their service, plans and pricing. To be on the safe side, I recommend not trusting any business reseller with an important phone number, especially a published business number. Instead, park your number with a call forwarding service like Google Voice, which is free after a $20 port-in fee or with a paid, business oriented service like Phone.com or Ring Central.

Here are all the currently active low cost business resellers I've been able to find.

NetTalk Connect NetTalk, an established VoIP provider is now selling a single T-Mobile reseller plan with unlimited talk, text and data with the first 10 GB at full speeds for $40 per month. Taxes and fees are included in plan price. Autopay is required. SIMs are $9.99. A business name and an SSN or EIN is required at signup. The plan includes Hotspot and WiFi calling, Music Freedom (zero rated music streaming), roaming up to plan limits in Mexico and Canada, Binge On (zero rated video streaming) and Data Stash (rollover data).

Teltik Communications launched in October, 2016 with service on T-Mobile. SIMs are $10 but you can also use your own new, never activated T-Mobile SIM. An EIN or a scan of a business registration, DBA form, sales and use form, business license, permit, screenshot of website or online business listing is required.

Plans that don't included unlimited high speed data include Music Freedom (zero rated music streaming), Binge On (zero rated video streaming at 480P) and roll-over data.

The tables below list all the plans from the companies mentioned above.

T-Mobile Based Plans
Name Price Voice Messaging High Speed Data 1 Includes
Teltik Unlimited $20.00  6 Unlimited Unlimited 2 GB Hotspot, Music Freedom
Teltik Unlimited $30.00  6 Unlimited Unlimited 6 GB Hotspot, Music Freedom, Binge on
Teltik Tablet Plan $30.00  6 N/A N/A Unlimited 4 3G Hotspot, 480p video
Teltik Tablet Plan $35.00  6 N/A N/A Unlimited 4 10 GB Hotspot, HD video
NetTalk Connect $40 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 4  Canada & Mexico roaming
Teltik Unlimited $40.00  6 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 4 3G Hotspot, 480P video
Teltik Unlimited $45.00  6 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 4 10 GB LTE Hotspot, HD video
Teltik Unlimited $50.00  6 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 4 14 GB LTE Hotspot, HD video
Teltik Unlimited $65.00  6 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 4 Unlimited LTE Hotspot, HD video
1 all plans include unthrottled high speed data until the amount data listed, then unlimited throttled data for the rest of the plan month.
2 Plan price includes $3.71 for taxes and fees.
Plan price includes $3.72 for taxes and fees. Customers in markets with no T-Mobile coverage will be activated on AT&T instead of T-Mobile.
After 50 GB is used in a month data is subject to de-prioritization when the network is congested. Hotspot throttled to 512 Kbps after 10 GB.
After 50 GB is used in a month data is subject to de-prioritization when the network is congested.
6 Plus $3/month federal tax recovery fee

Updated 25-Feb-2018: 4GAS plans np longer accepting new customers.

Sources: NetTalk Connect, 4G Antenna Shop, Teltik
Image: Pexels.com CC0 licensed


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  1. Some of these plans have pretty good rates but they aren't much better than some of the plans offered by MetroPCS, Boost and Cricket's group save plans. If any of those brands adds more data to their plans the BR plans will lose their competitive edge, at least on price.

  2. "I suspect that's not allowed by the reseller's *contact* with the mobile operator."

    I'm guessing this should read "contract"

  3. At those prices do you think nettalk connect will be around very long? Also, blue green sells verizon as well, just thought it was worth noting.

  4. Post paid or prepaid coverage? That is, roaming included?

    1. The 4GHS AT&T plans don't roam, all the other plans listed include domestic roaming.

      The T-Mobile based plans also include roaming up to plan limits in Mexico and Canada as well as unlimited text and 2G data roaming and 20¢/minute voice roaming in over 140 countries.

  5. If bluegreen can sell $25.00 plan with tax, why not T-mobile sell the same at that price?. Everyone (who wants T-mobile) will buy that plan easily. Current equivalent plan at T-mobile is $40+ tax.

  6. Also found t-mobile resellers http://airwireless.net and http://bigbusinesstoolbox.com Airwireless seems to be over priced compared to the other current t-mobile ones mentioned above. They seem to not be looking for new customers but can activate new accounts. I haven't tried calling calling big business toolbox.

  7. There is also sunspot mobile which sells t-mobile service too.

  8. Thanks to your notification last year Dennis Bournique I signed up with Mobal for a $20 a month Post Paid T-Mobile Plan with only 100 minutes Talk & One GB Data USA Monthly BUT including International unlimited roaming on 2G (which is usually 3G but they don't want to publicize that). Since I have learned to use VOIP services like Google Voice and Hangouts (again thanks to your educational efforts) this is a great plan for me and my family since we visit family in Italy frequently it allows us to remain connected all over the world all the time for only twenty dollars a month. I don't recall seeing you getting much recognition for your work in keeping us up to date on the latest bargains so from this Primary Care Doctor in Rhode Island: Thank You Very Much from me AND my patients who can reach me anytime all the time all over the world because of you and T-Mobile!

  9. Excellent article, thanks!

    I have the early adopter rate on Bluegreen's pink gold and it's really been an excellent value. It has all the benefits, music freedom, BingeOn, t-mobile Tuesdays and data stash.

    Thinking about trying out the Nettalk promo.

    1. DON'T. STOP.
      I am stuck with Nettalk Connect On right now.
      They cannot activate my service right now after a week of activation has been triggered.
      They do not use standard T-Mobile SIM as Harbor. Therefore you have to buy it from NT and cost $10. Activation also is an odd. Always one day in delay for any new activation or SIM swap. Remember, this is for business line. Cannot understand how they provide business like this.

  10. I would jump at NT's $30 plan, but it looks like a soon-to-be-dead deal.

    T-Mobile MVNOs with competitive rates are generally unreliable, untrustworthy, and prone to screwing customers over without adequate warning.

    And when they go under or cut subscribers off, you may wind up having inadequate service until the next deal's sim arrives.

    In the end, I just can't be bothered to play whack a mole with my cell service every few months.

    After all, stability is the most important aspect of communications.

    Anyway, whatever T-mo business resellers still remain, it's only a matter of time before Legere pulls the plug.

    At least on Cricket, I don't have to worry about AT&T ever throwing a shit fit and cutting off service.

    In contrast, T-mo seems to outright hate their prepaid customers, so much so that they'd rather drive them to Cricket than cut them a good deal.

    1. I agree, when I go into a Tmo store they are sweet as honey until they run my number and discover I am prepaid; then the looks of disdain appear.

    2. I had the same experience with Verizon. I needed to replace a phone and they wanted to charge me more than $100 for a flip phone plus a fee to switch my plan to the new phone. The fee was more than my current balance. Screw that.

      I ended up buying the same phone elsewhere for less than $50 and switched service to the new phone online.

  11. "At least on Cricket, I don't have to worry about AT&T ever throwing a shit fit and cutting off service."

    Blame the MVNOs not T-Mobile for this when it happens .

  12. Bluegreen blue (at&t) plans ($25 & &30) roam off network like at&t postpaid? Also they have throttled data not hard cap on those at&t plans?

    What are the bluegreen Verizon plans called?

    1. BlueGreen AT&T plans include domestic roaming. Data is not throttled and is hard capped at the plan limit.

      The Verizon plans are called the Green plans. They are prepaid plans, not business reseller plans, with 5 Mbps throttle, and no roaming. Prices aren't competitive with Boom, Total Wireless, StraightTalk, etc.

  13. It is a bit troublesome that 4gas removed the voice plans from their website. Maybe they are still working on their website? Has anyone confirmed this by calling them?

  14. Can you just make up a business name and EIN to qualify for any of these plans.

    1. You can try, but why? EIN's are free from the IRS.

    2. if you got an EIN would that cause problems for you with things like getting unemployment or qualifying for any kind of public assistance?

    3. That's walking on dangerous ground just to get a discount. There are individual plans that are good deals. Maybe not as cheap but better than going thru hassles to receive those rates.

  15. Too sketchy for me. I hear a lot of the times they abuse their right to sale by targetting regular non business people... and then boom, dead mvno... tough one.

  16. Hi Dennis, Just a quick update... 4G Antenna Shop is relaunching voice plans around September 3rd with uncarrier 12 like plans and Harbor Mobile is also trying to relaunch again. I think with t-mobile.

  17. I think the 4GAS $15 plan includes 5GB (instead of 2GB) and would cost $17.71 (instead of $17.70) after taxes.

    1. You're right. I've updated the post.

    2. That's great but for some reason the 4GAS $35 plan now lists a price of $48 in the table.

    3. That's what's listed on the 4GAS site. It looks like they made the $10 voice add-on mandatory.

    4. Oops! I hadn't noticed that. It's not such a good deal anymore is it.

  18. https://teltik.com is a successor to Harbor Mobile. I'm uncertain if former Harbor employees alone or Harbor's owner and employees started teltik.

  19. Dennis, it appears that 4GAS is only selling data plans now. When I called them last week they were selling Verizon, ATT or TMO all for the same $80 price. This might be good if you are in a Verizon only coverage area.

  20. Looks like 4GAS has a new phone plan. New expensive LTE router too.

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