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Ting Posts 3,000 Net Customer Additions During 2nd Quarter Of 2016

Mobile virtual network operator Ting has registered 3,000 net customer additions for the second quarter of this year, based on the latest quarterly results recently released by Tucows (which operates Ting). Despite the increase, the 3,000 net adds is considered far from being robust, with the company attributing the slow growth to the departure of 1,000 former customers of PTel Mobile (PlatinumTel) who shifted to Ting right after PTel closed, and then proceeded to leave Ting after making the most of the MVNO’s free mobile service.

As explained by Elliot Noss, the chief executive officer of Tucows, the 12,000 net customer additions reported by Ting during the first quarter of 2016 were inflated because of the 1,000 former PTel customers who migrated to Ting at that time. But after their free service credits were all used up, these customers left Ting during the second quarter, resulting to a relatively low 3,000 net customer additions for Ting, which Noss considers a deflated figure. PTel Mobile (an MVNO using T-Mobile’s network) had quietly shut down its operations in February early this year, ending its business after a decade and a half in the industry.

Still, Noss noted that Ting was able to gain 3,000 new accounts and 6,000 new handsets during the second quarter of this year. As a result, the carrier’s total customer base has now increased to 144,000 accounts, while its total device count has improved to 227,000. As for its customer turnover rate, Noss said that Ting’s churn rate was at 2.4 percent, about the same level as its churn rate during the previous quarter.

Noss also pointed out that Ting’s recent efforts to reduce its prices have also contributed significantly to its quarterly numbers. Just a week ago, Ting had lowered the prices of every other mobile plan except for its $3 per month Small plan, so that customers will pay $10 for each gigabyte of data they consumed on top of the basic rate.

For the second quarter of 2016, Tucows registered net revenues of $47.5 million, which represents an 11 percent increase over the $42.9 million it reported for the second quarter of last year. Tucows also improved on its net income figures, earning $4.1 million during the second quarter of 2016, which is way better than the $2.3 million it registered in the same quarter one year ago.

Source: Fierce Wireless


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  1. Ptel customers left because Ting was unable to keep them happy with their weird a la carte pricing. T-Mobile prepaid, Simple mobile and Ultra also had offers for exiled Ptel customers and I bet you they are still happy with them.

  2. The $6 per device fee is what keeps me from trying it. Cut it to $2 and we'll talk.

    1. One of the 1000 PTEL migrants with Ting here.
      Yes, the $6 fee is a deal breaker for me. As soon as my balance runs out I'm gone. I like the concept of a la carte pricing but the fee and rates are too high for a light user like me.

      Also, I don't text and yet I was hit with the $3 S package for 2 unsolicited SMS's I received last month. Voice and data I can control at least. Not worth it.

  3. Ting pricing is absolute trash.

    For just 500/100/1GB, you wind up paying a whopping $34 for shitty T-mo coverage.

    They don't even offer subsidized devices to sweeten the deal.

    In contrast, Cricket offers unlimited TnT and 2.5GB of data on AT&T for only $20/mo with a group discount, and that's not even counting the value of a $50 port-in credit, the $25 referral bonus, and an insane discount on a decent phone during one of their special holiday/BF sales.

    Anyway, unless Ting abolishes line fees, adds a 250 minute tier and universally lowers rates to 1¢, they'll never truly be able to compete.

    1. I agree that Ting is just very unappealing but Cricket is as well with their annoying throttle and the group discounts where you need to recruit people to get a discount. They both some weird complicated stuff going on.

    2. It's still a lot less complicated than pre-FEDmageddon RingPlus.

  4. Shows how tough this prepaid business is. The action is at ringplus and freedompop if you want something different. Otherwise, the standard choices are what you fall back on. Unfortunately, Ting is not one of them. Can not be sustainable for Ting.

  5. every so often i get a survey from ting to rate their service. every time i give them a 0. For one, I don't know how they are still in business. 3 years ago their prices were great. but that was 3 years ago! today, the MVNO landscape has changed dramatically, yet meanwhile ting has sat there doing nothing.

    Their prices are still absurdly high.
    25 talk, 44txt and 39mb would cost over FIFTEEN DOLLARS!
    that is highway robbery.

    cricket has a 5 person family plan that gives unlimited talk,txt,data plus 2.5Gb data to each line for $100 flat.
    That would cost several hundred if people did that with ting.

    ting cannot compete on coverage. Sorry, but tmobile and sprint are still far behind in comparison to at&t/cricket.

    I tell them this each time, and they did nothing. Well at least they cut the prices in ~some~ ways, but it still isn't enough.

  6. TING: We don't have AT&T nor Verizon, And we are stacked with fees. If you leave your phone in your glove box, hardly ever use it, well then its a great deal! If you Talk or Text 20 minutes/msgs per day...well, isnt our name cute

  7. Pixwireless.com has AT&T & Sprint plans, and only has a $2.99 line charge with al la carte pricing. Interesting alternative to ting.

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