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Survey Says Simple Mobile and T-Mobile Are Top Sellers With Multi-Brand Urban Dealers

Wave7 Research has released the results of its Third Quarter, 2016 Independent Prepaid Dealer Survey. Wave 7 asked 30 independent, multi-brand dealers in major cities which prepaid brands they carried and which ones were their top sellers.

Wave7 rates Simple Mobile, Ultra Mobile, Lycamobile, H20, Net10, PagePlus and GoSmart as the winners of this quarter's survey.

For the third quarter in a row, TracFone's Simple Mobile lead the pack in both availability and sales. Simple was available at 28 out of 30 stores and ranked first in sales at 11 dealers and second at 9.  T-Mobile Prepaid was second in both availability and sales. It was sold by 16 dealers and finished first in sales at 8 and second at 2.

Ultra Mobile and Lycamobile also did well. Ultra was carried by 14 stores and was in the top three in sales at 8. Lycamobile was found in 13 stores and was  a top three in seller at 9.

H2O, Net10, PagePlus, and GoSmart were carried by at least half the dealers and also did well in sales. GoSmart was a top three seller at 9 dealers, H2O and Net10 at 6 and PagePlus at 5.

You can't have winners without losers. According to Wave7, this quarter's losers were Red Pocket, Rok Mobile, Telcel America, Black Wireless and Expo Mobile. RedPocket was only sold by one dealer, Rok by two. One dealer said he had dropped Rok becauses of too many issues activating customers. Telcel was available at six dealers but not a top three seller at any of them. Black Wireless and Expo Mobile, which had a presence in previous Wave 7 surveys, were nowhere to be found this time.

See the table below for the full results of the survey

Wave7 Independent Prepaid Dealer Survey for 3Q16
Prepaid Carrier Presence among 30 dealers 1stplace 2ndplace 3rdplace Also-ran
Simple Mobile 28 11 9 2 6
T-Mobile prepaid 16 8 2 2 4
Ultra Mobile 14 2 3 3 6
Lycamobile 13 2 1 6 4
PagePlus 15 0 4 1 10
Net10 19 1 2 3 13
H2O Wireless 21 1 1 4 15
GoSmart 15 0 3 6 6
Boost 8 2 4 0 2
TelCel 6 0 0 0 6
EasyGo 3 0 0 1 2
Univision 3 0 0 0 3
MetroPCS 2 2 0 0 0
Selectel 2 0 1 1 0
Rok Mobile 2 0 0 0 2
Red Pocket 2 0 0 0 2
GoPhone 2 0 0 0 2
Others Verizon, TracFone, and Rewards Wireless (a white-label MVNO) were all cited as having a presence in one store each.

The Wave7 survey mainly covers dealers in urban areas. Only one of the 30 dealers surveyed was rural. I suspect that's partially responsible for the good showing by T-Mobile based brands like Simple Mobile, T-Mobile Prepaid, Ultra Mobile and Lycamobile. A survey of rural and small town dealers would probably have very different results.

Source: Wave7 Research


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  1. "A survey of rural and small town dealers would probably have very different results."

    I'm mostly in smaller places. I am not even sure what a "multi-brand dealer" is, or how I would recognize one. I have seen a Boost storefront or two, however.

  2. Calls to Canada don't go thru on Ultra Mobile for 4 days now. Anyone else has the same problem?? CS said no problems on their side.

  3. I'm honestly surprised that MetroPCS isn't up there. Metro currently offers the best unlimited high speed data plan out there. Ain't no way I'm giving it up unless I have no choice in the matter.

    1. Metro is the best outside of Cricket. Metro had rather poor coverage, relatively.

    2. MetroPCS is mainly sold through exclusive dealers that aren't permitted to sell other brands.

  4. I guess T-Mobile MVNOs are popular among dealers and customers.

  5. As a Tmo customer who had to call customer service to fix a mistake on my part, I found out firsthand why Tmo's popularity is well earned.

    In fact, I'm surprised a Tracfone company is actually top dog.

    TF is the absolute worst, but apparently all their companies are still raking it in.

    Anyway, $38 for unlimited TnT with 3GB of data and Binge (after 5% off with a Target Redcard) is definitely worth it.

    Simple might be a better deal, but you never know when your service will get stolen by ol' Slim Shady.

  6. Yup. Tried to call friends in the 416 and 905 area codes from Buffalo, doesn't even ring. CS at Ultra told me the same thing. Something is going on, maybe they didn't pay the bill to the LD provider?

  7. These were brick and mortar dealers right?

  8. Metro and T Mobile closed their stores in Jackson, TN.

    1. Given their warped employee incentives, that's probably for the best.

  9. If this had been carried out in rural areas, the Att mvnos like H20 and Net10's Att portion would have done better and there would be cdma Verizon in there too. Probably Page Plus, maybe Selectel and others. Rok is definitely shaky focusing too much on gimmicks like insurance and a new phone called the Rokit 1 , Black Wireless now owns (via parent company SDI) Red Pocket by buying them out recently, Expo is all cdma. Looks like gsm carriers are the winners overall though they have less overall coverage which is not a huge issue in metro/non rural markets. In metro markets, data prices, phone promos, advertisement and data amounts/speeds are more the issue then coverage.

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