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T-Mobile Gives a Look at its Q3 2016 Results

Earlier today, T-Mobile gave the press a look at its Q3 2016 results. The preview comes in advance of its announcement slated sometime in October.

Based on the report, T-Mobile was able to obtain 753,000 postpaid phone net adds and 650,000 prepaid net adds as of the first half of September. T-Mo attributes this number to the customers that its rival carriers lost during the quarter. Almost 400,000 switched from AT&T; 300,000 switched from Sprint; and 250,000 switched from Verizon. All of these happened within the quarter, proving to be an increase over its Q2 2016 results wherein T-Mo was only able to earn 646,000 postpaid phone net adds and 476,000 prepaid net adds.  

With the results of the preview, T-Mobile CEO John Legere shared his thoughts on the increase of net adds the carrier obtained. According to Legere, the "three wireless carriers tried to match Un-carrier signature moves this quarter, like getting rid of overages and introducing unlimited data plans, but as usual, they came up short." Legere also shares that their Q3 results have outperformed their postpaid phone and prepaid nets in Q2. The CEO also notes that they are already adding customers from other carriers at "an increasing rate."

It is important to note, however, that T-Mobile offered some promos that could have paved the road to a successful Q3 2016; such as the iPhone Trade-Up deal, which offered a free iPhone 7. Not to mention, they also launched T-Mobile Tuesdays, which offered weekly freebies to its customers.

Perhaps it is best to wait until late October for T-Mobile to unveil its full Q3 2016 results to determine the success the carrier obtained. Importantly, a conference regarding its business update is slated for Thursday by no other than T-Mobile CFO Braxton Carter, COO Mike Sievert, and CTO Neville Ray. More information may be unveiled then.

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  1. At this rate, they will catch up with AT&T in number of customers sometime in the 2050's.

  2. I switched to T-mo from Cricket once my credits were used up.

    I'm planning to switch back once they have better deals on better phones.

    Or, if I can get my hands on a better phone elsewhere, I'll hop right back on for another $160 worth of bill credits.

    T-mo is great and all, especially with Binge savings and T-mo Tuesdays, but I'd rather have AT&T coverage, $5 worth of savings and almost 5 months worth of free service.

  3. Is T-Mobile trying to increase its footprint?

    1. Little by little they are.

      They've installed a lot of small cells on light poles here in San Francisco which has filled in most of the dead spots.

      Putting band 12 on band 4 and 2 towers increases their footprint by a fews miles at the edges of the network. That's closed most of the gaps among Hwy 101 in rural Northern California.

  4. I drove on I95 from New Jersey to Miami. I was surprised that I had high speed internet using Tmobile throughout most of the drive, except for maybe 10 minutes of 2G in the Carolinas. I activated Cricket before the drive, as I did not expect Tmobile to work so well.

    1. That is surprising. A few years ago they had no signal along most of that drive.

  5. I used to have Cricket in the Bay Area. When I switched to Project Fi (used in an iPhone, so I only get T-Mobile coverage), I was surprised how much better the coverage / service was. With Cricket, my calls would drop multiple times when I drove down the peninsula on I-280. With T-Mobile, that rarely happens, if ever.

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