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TPO Drops One Plan, Adds Another and Raises Prices on Two More

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Sprint and T-Mobile MVNO The People's Operator (TPO Mobile) made some changes to their plan lineup yesterday.

  • There's a new $26/month People's plan with unlimited talk and messaging and 1 GB data.
  • The $65/month Gracious plan has been discontinued. It included unlimited talk and messaging and 7 GB data.
  • The price of the 2 GB Nobile plan has been increased from $26 to $33 per month and the 5 GB Hero plan's price jumped from $45 to $55 per month.
TPO offers a $5/month auto pay discount on all plans. Plan prices do not include taxes and fees. Customers report that fess and taxes add between 11% and 30% to plan costs.

TPO is running a promotion now through Sept 30 that gives new customers 50% off the price of their first month of the Kind, People's, Noble or Caring plans.

Here's what TPO's plan lineup looks like after the latest changes:

  • Tablet Plan - 2GB of data $25/month ($20 with autopay).
  • Kind Plan -1000 minutes of talk, unlimited text and 500 MB data for $21/month  ($16 with autopay).
  • People's Plan  - unlimited talk and text and 1 GB data for $26/month ($21 with autopay).
  • Noble Plan - unlimited talk and text and 2 GB data for $33/month ($28 with autopay).
  • Caring Plan - unlimited talk and text and 3 GB data for $40/month ($35 with autopay).
  • North America Plan - unlimited talk and text from the US to the US, Mexico and Canada and 2.5 GB of data for $44/month ($39 with autopay).
  • Hero Plan - unlimited talk and text and 5 GB data for $55/month ($50 with autopay).
Data on all plans is hard capped, data stops working when you use up the amount included with the plan. The only way to get more data before the plan renews is to upgrade to a more expensive plan.

TPO donates 10% of plan prices and 25% of profits to charities. Users can choose which charity to support from a list that includes the World Wildlife Federation, SPCA, American Lung Association, Habitat For Humanity, the Wounded Warrior Project and many more.


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  1. Personally, I think everyone is better off finding a better carrier and donating to charities on their own.

    You can get twice as much data with a much better network elsewhere, without spending any more.

    1. Plus the charity gets MORE of your donation money.

    2. Well if you are giving money to charity and paying the same for the phone bill it is costing your bottom line more. So you are spending more. Not directly to a charity is a bad thing.

    3. TPO has taken an operating loss for last year and this year so far. They are losing money fast. Their stock on the London B tier stock market when from 120ish pence to 15-20 pence. Sorry I don't quit know the USD to Pound conversion.

      In essence TPO's financials don't look good and they need more money from somewhere.

    4. I read the same thing about TPO financials. They don't seem very strong. I think the writing is on the wall. In spite of that, I hope they survive. Too many MVNO's just come and go nowadays.

  2. I myself tried them for a month for the 50% off. At that price point the limited coverage can be tolerable but not at full price. Personally, T-Mobile and Sprint native coverage does nor fully meet my needs. I have to have either of the two other big carriers.

    The donating to charities is a great idea because even though people say they would donate, not many actually do so. This is like killing two birds with one stone. Unfortunately, if my service doesn't work, the donating will not be enough for me to stay put.

    1. I looked for lists of the best charities. The ones that aren't liked United Way and Oxfam (which have people at the top taking penny donations from kids and becoming millionaires). I didn't find any of the small list of TPO charities on the list of the very best charities.

  3. It appears that prices have been grandfathered for people on plans whose prices went up.

  4. Honestly, TPO isn't that cheap. After all taxes on the Noble plan, it's so close to the $35 Cricket plan, which has 2.5GB instead of 2GB + unlimited throttled and better coverage.

    I just switched to TPO and will surely switch back out because of this increase.

    1. I just tried it for a month for the 50% off. I would never try them at full price. Taxes are brutal.

  5. The 2GB plan went down to $30 from $33.

  6. The Noble plan's price appears to have changed again. It now seems to cost $30 ($25 with autopay)

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