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Ecomobile Makes Changes to Plan Offers

Ecomobile has just made a few changes to its plan offerings and network. The first change they made is that have added network availability, making it easier for customers to choose their preferred network. With today's announcement, the MVNO is now available on BYO Sprint, CDMA or GSM device.

Along with the new network availability, Ecomobile has modified its plan options. In the past, the MVNO offered three tiers that come with unlimited talk, text and points that could be converted for data use. Instead of following the same format, Ecomobile has ramped up its unlimited plan options by offering these tiers:

  • $30 per month - comes with unlimited talk, text and data 1GB at 4G LTE speed
  • $40 per month - comes with unlimited talk, text and data 3GB at 4G LTE speed
  • $50 per month - comes with unlimited talk, text and data 5GB at 4G LTE speed 
  • $60 per month - comes with unlimited talk, text and data 7GB at 4G LTE speed
To find out more about Ecomobile's newest changes, you may visit their website or call (855)825-8855.

Source: Ecomobile Facebook


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  1. CDMA is separate from Sprint? I doubt that means Verizon at that price, so I'm guessing US Cellular?

    1. Eco does offer service on the Verizon network as well as on Sprint and T-Mobile. They do not offer service on US cellular. Eco offers the same plans at the same price on all three networks. If you look at the "New by carrier" column on the right side of this website, you'll notice the (s, t, v) tags next to the Ecomobile brand. This means that Eco offers service on the Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon networks.

    2. I understand that MVNO contracts often require them to be a little cryptic in describing their network providers. But if a customer encounters the MVNO and doesn't know what they mean by "CDMA" or "GSM," shouldn't these articles (and not the comment page) be exactly the sort of source of such information?

  2. Not only does this post not even bother to mention which networks this MVNO run on, it also neglects to mention that all these plans include unlimited international calling.

  3. Pretty good prices when you're getting unlimited throttled data! And Verizon too!

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