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FreedomPop Partners With Dish to Offer Free Mobile Services in Mexico

FreedomPop, an MVNO running under Sprint's network, has recently partnered with Dish in order to make free mobile services available in Mexico. The joint venture between the two companies works in a way similar to that offered in other markets. With the partnership, Dish Mexico users will be able to enjoy free voice, data and text services.

According to their agreement, FreedomPop would be in charge of the operational aspects and how to power the service. Meanwhile, Dish will be responsible with providing customer service, distribution, and "local expertise." To get the service off the ground, Dish has promised to provide the capital; an amount that was undisclosed to the public.

Speaking to the public, MVS Comunicaciones CEO and director Ernesto Vargas-Guajardo explained why they chose FreedomPop as their strategic partner in Mexico. Guajardo says that it was because they have witnessed how the MVNO has been able to deliver consumer value to their users consistently in other countries. Judging from this, they were able to conclude that FreedomPop's model works.

As for FreedomPop's part, CEO and co-founder Stephen Stokols believes the model can be used as a blueprint for deals that would be launched in Germany, Italy, Australia, and some Asian markets next year. In doing so, they can make free mobile services a reality for everyone not just in the markets they are currently in. As of this writing, the MVNO has over 1 million subscribers in the U.S., U.K., and Spain.

Dish Mexico is owned by Dish Network and MVS Comunicaciones.

Source: Fierce Wireless


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  1. What is FPs business model? They don't run ads like RP, so are they just hoping people forget to disable the add-ons?

    1. FreedomPop has received lots of venture capital. I believe their primarily business model is to be acquired (possibly by Dish or a cable operator) for substantially more money than the investors have put into the business.

      In the meantime, people not disabling add-ons, overages, and upgrades to paid plans help generate operating cash.

      I also think Freedom Pop is probably a very lean operation with a small headcount. I suspect that Sprint gives them a really good deal on data and line charges to help prop up Sprint's subscriber count.

    2. I don't even use their Sprint service anymore. Also their UK and global customers don't use Sprint and never have. I believe Sprint is a small piece of FreedomPop as it's only available in the U.S., and now their GSM/HSPA service is widely available here. Granted I believe customer forgetfulness to downgrade is their primary operating cash. I just don't believe their business is sustainable long term. Sooner or later too many people will get burned and will have nothing to do with them anymore.

  2. I still like Ringplus over FP because R+ has lots more data with less fuss. However, even on their 'native'voice plans, the voice quality is below average.

  3. A partnership with Dish?

    This should mean phone calls that cut off whenever there is rain.

  4. I ordered a Netgear fuse Wi-Fi hotspot from FreedomPop, for some reason they want to correct my address and delete the second line which has the building number and is needed to be delivered.

    Does anybody know what I can do to convince FreedomPop to not correct my address and leave it alone?

    I tried putting the building number on the first line they then corrected it and removed it.

    I called FedEx they said they can't do anything about it they said the shipper needs to call them. I called FreedomPop they said they can't call FedEx.

    1. FreedomPop gives you a tracking number. If you track the shipment at FedEx Tracking and regster afree account you can give alternate delivery instructions.

      The FreedomPop global SIMs I ordered recently were sent by FedEx SmartPost which uses the USPS for delivery. You can track the last leg of SmartPost shipments at My USPS™ - Track a Package. If you create a free account on My USPS you can specify delivery instructions or have the package held at your local post office,

    2. Thanks, I will give that a try and it is going by SmartPost which as you say does use the United States Postal Service for delivery

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