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Opera Max Improved to Block Ad Trackers

When Opera Max first started out, they were a VPN that helped lower data usage. At the same time, they blocked apps from connecting online. With its success, Opera has decided to roll out a new feature to the service.

The new feature, known as privacy mode, promises to make devices even more secure when they connect to the internet. According to Opera, this is based on their S Secure feature which they developed for Samsung's two device-- the Galaxy J5 Prime and J7 Prime. This helped filter ad trackers as well as any other risks that may infiltrate an individual's privacy.

With Opera Max's new feature, however, things have been taken a notch higher. The feature shows more information per app. This is all because Opera Max makes use of a database called 'EasyPrivacy filter list' which tracks services. Thanks to this, device users are able to determine which applications pose more threat to the user.

Because Opera Max is a VPN, it can be used on public WiFi networks that also intercepts user data. While it can be compared to Google's WiFi Assistant feature, Opera Max functions on any network. It also provides more detailed information for every app.

Source: AndroidPolice


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  1. Good for them. Pop-up, time delay slide over, and pop-under ads are a form of malware to be obliterated as surely as viruses.

    Advertisers should stick to ads embedded in web pages, like you see here and other reputable sites.

    By going all malware with ads, the ad companies have forced these blockers.

    Excellent editorial decision to post this.

    1. That's my comment above. I downloaded it and used it right away. However I just now uninstalled Opera Max.

      It was a massive battery hog. Using far more than all my other apps and services on my phone combined.

      I'm not saying don't get it. But just be aware of this. And from my experience the benefits seem to be pretty small.

    2. Why is Opera Max using all my battery?

      It's not. Android assigns any battery used to transmit and receive data to the Opera Max app. But, in reality, it's the apps that consume that data that also consume your battery. Power efficiency is something we care about. Our tests show that battery usage with Opera Max enabled is almost identical compared to the same setup without Opera Max. When watching videos, you will actually reduce your battery usage slightly with Opera Max enabled (our tests show about a 5% gain). This is because the CPU uses a lot less power than data transmission processes, so high-traffic savings positively effect battery usage.


  2. Good move by Opera. I hope they keep their lists up to date. Right now I'm using AdGuard. (I would use AdAway if I were rooted.) But I may install Opera Max on friends/family's phones.

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