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T-Mobile Ups Customer Count 2 Million More in Q3 Conference Call

Earlier today, T-Mobile reported an impressive quarter for the company as it placed its Q3 earnings call. During its report, the Un-Carrier reported having adding a total of 851,000 new postpaid customers and 684,000 new prepaid customers. This number comprises the total 2 million new net customers that the carrier was able to add this quarter.

With its recent numbers added, it only means that T-Mobile is moving up. To date, there are already 69.4 million customers using T-Mobile's services. Despite this number, the Un-Carrier does not seem to consider slowing down anytime soon. And judging on the prediction made early this year, T-Mobile may still be able to add even more customers from 3.4 million to 3.9 million (now).

During its earnings call today, T-Mobile was able to give positive reports. Thanks to the positive adaption of the company's products and services, they were able to increase their quarterly profits to 6.3 percent to $49.67 in early trading. T-Mo's profit amount also exceeded the predictions made by industry analysts, which expected the carrier to earn $366 million for the quarter that ended in September. Compared with last year's $138 million, this is surely positive news for the company. Analysts also predicted a revenue growth of 18 percent amounting around $9.2 billion.

Taking credit for the increase in customers and profits, T-Mobile ascribes the success to the newly released Apple iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. Especially since T-Mobile was among the first carriers to allow customers to trade in older iPhone models for free, there is much reason to believe this is the case. But to credit the success to the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus sales is unfair. In all entirety, T-Mobile has also managed to bring in customers from rival networks AT&T and Verizon when it started offering cheaper unlimited plans, Binge One promotions with unlimited streaming, and of course, its successful free promotions under T-Mobile Tuesdays.

All of these things were reported by T-Mobile earlier than expected. Ever since news of AT&T's plans of acquiring Time Warner broke, the Un-Carrier was forced to have its quarterly conference call scheduled to another date. This, however, doesn't mean it's all positive for the carrier. Just recently, T-Mobile entered into a $48 million settlement with the FCC after they were found to have failed to disclose its wireless data restrictions to customers under its unlimited data plans.

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  1. Does the prepaid gain include metro pcs?

    1. Yes, I believe that MetroPCS accounts for most of T-Mobile's prepaid growth.

  2. It's the growth in coverage that makes the difference.

    Sprint apparently likes being down there,a little bit better than USC.

    T-Mobile on the other hand is aiming high, expanding coverage, and wants to make the doupoly into a triopoly.

  3. Was this conference call free for attendees or were they all charged $0.01 per minute?

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