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New Leak Suggests T-Mobile Could Be Launching Samsung Galaxy S7 Blue Coral on Friday

A few days ago, there were rumors that T-Mobile was getting ready to launch its Samsung Galaxy S7 edge Blue Coral version. Even though it's technically the same device with a new color option, many couldn't help but get excited about the release. Thanks to a new leak, we're finally getting a more precise date for the release of the new color option.

According to the leak, the new Blue Coral device will be launched on November 18, Friday. Apart from the launch date, there was no word on how much the Galaxy S7 in Blue Coral will cost. If anything, it could be close to the price range of the Silver and Gold color options of the Galaxy S7 at $69.99 down and $30 per month for 24 months. Full retail value is $789.99.

Without an official statement from T-Mobile on the launch date of the Blue Coral Galaxy S7, many can't help but wonder when the device will finally be released. But given the fact that AT&T has already started accepting orders for the particular model on its website and has even told its customers that the device will be shipped from Nov. 15-17, it's likely that the Nov. 18 launch at T-Mobile could be the right date.

Source: TMONews

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  1. Slow news day. Not a criticism of the staff: It is a slow news day.

    Looking forward to sites publishing hundreds of articles over the Samsung S8 altering bottom bezel width by one-third of a millimeter.

    With the new iPhones and Pixels out, and the Bruckheimer era of the Bombsung Note 7 apparently over, there's not much going on.

  2. Why would a new color option for the now nearly a year old S7 be something amazing? Not to mention a full retail price tag like it's just out the oven. Honestly I could careless for the backplate color since slapping on a cover will ultimately hide it anyway.

  3. OMG! A different color!
    I'm going apoplectic!

  4. Good luck buying phones as a prepaid customer at T-Mobile. Not only do you have to pay for your phone full upfront (which is fine,) they tack on prepaid airtime to your purchase too and you can't unbundle it. Plus, for the full price they don't even sell the phone unlocked and have a pretty ridiculous unlock policy.

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