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Target Cyber Monday - 15% Off Almost Everything Sitewide

Yes, it's that time of the year-- when cellphones prices are discounted along with other gadget you can think of. If you've been waiting for this particular time to shop for a new device, you'll most likely be looking forward to Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. But if luck isn't on your side and you won't be able to find a good deal for Black Friday, you might be able to get one from Target.

Earlier today, Target announced that they will be offering 15% off on almost everything you can buy online and in stores. The sale will be available on November 27 and 28. Target says that the 15% discount will be applied upon checkout.

According to the announcement, the discount applies to all Apple products. So if you've been considering getting the latest models, iPhone 7, iPad Air 2, and Apple Watch 2, now is the best time to get it at 15% off. Apart from Apple products, there is a roster of Android smartphones that you can choose from. The sale also includes prepaid and unlocked devices.

Target will also be offering Black Friday deals and Cyber Monday deals. Make sure to check their website for updates over the weekend so you know which devices will be available.

Source: PhoneArena



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  1. Will this work on cricket top ups?

    1. Probably not. They are 10% off today and you can get another 5% with redcard. No tax in CA either.

    2. Yep, what the other anon said. Sign up for redcard credit card and make sure to click to opt in to get your redcard CC number after approval so you can use it to get another 5% off.

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