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You Can Now Add Up to 5 Lines of Service With Cricket Wireless in One Transaction

Cricket Wireless has made it easy to get a Group Save plan and also save up to $100 per month. Prior to today's announcement, each port-in (including phone or SIM for the line) had to be ordered separately. After this, the customer had to call in to have these lines combined as a Group Save plan.

Today, Cricket announced that now allow users to port multiple lines of service in one transaction instead of what they did in the past. Each line comes with its own data bucket too.

If you wish to bring your family to the MVNO, you simply need to visit Cricket Wireless' website to share your account with family or friends. You can even save up to $100 per month on your mobile phone plans when you take advantage of the Group Save discounts available.

New customers may order up to 5 lines of service under one transaction. You can keep using your current phone service until the time that you decide to activate your service with Cricket Wireless. Find out more by visiting their website today.

Source: Cricket Wireless

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  1. Best deal in town. $20 per line!

  2. Verizon just increase data for walmart plan. Now 50 for 7gb 70 for 12gb.

  3. yeah I seen the Verizon "walmart" plan on howard forums.. does this come with autopay discount and rollever?? $45 for 7gb and $65 for 12 gb??

    that's a steal for one account.

    I agree the cricket group plan is amazing $20 of each line.
    I just need to see how to set up so each person in my 5 line "family plan" can pay their own service without logging in with my credentials etc.??

    any ideas ??

    1. I wish to know as well.

    2. All they need to know is there phone number and know the correct name on the account. You have to give the pin or secret question answer. Also if the pay online they don't need an info besides there phone number

    3. Hey there, I used to be a in a random Cricket Wireless group plan from Reddit and the main account holder would either have us pay our $20 through Google Wallet or Quick Pay that's on Cricket's website.

  4. Disappointed Cricket didn't have a promotional rate plan for Black Friday. Boost's unlimited plan @ $45 with autopay looks tempting.

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