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Here Are Some iOS Apps You Can Get For Free For A Limited Time

Christmas is nearly here! And that means you can expect people to be a lot jollier than usual. You'll most likely be getting some extra freebies from your purchases. But if you're looking for a new iPhone or iPad app to download, you can check out these titles that are currently available for free:
  • AmosTime (Previously $1.99) - With the start of the new year, you may be invested in improving yourself. This app can help you do that through its time tracker and pomodoro technique so you can get more things done. 
  • Bokeh Photo Editor (Previously $0.99) - If you've ever wanted to add bokeh effect to your photos, this is the app that can help you out.
  • Change GPS (Previously $0.99) - Do you like to check in to places and make your friends think you're in the other side of the planet? Change GPS helps you mask your location through this Fake GPS location app.
  • Emojicon Stickers (Previously $0.99) - If you need more emojis and stickers for your iMessage conversation, this app will help you out.
  • FaceGo (Previously $0.99) - FaceGo allows you to swap faces with other people automatically.
  • GoldenHour.one (Previously $3.99) - The perfect app you need to help you make the most of your photos. It is the first and only app that can determine the right time to take photos based on the time, place and weather. 
  • MagicShrink (Previously $1.99) - This app helps you compress your JPEG photos so you can have extra free space in your library. 
  • Tuber 8 (Previously $2.99) - Tuber 8 improves your experience when viewing videos from YouTube. 
  • VigTask (Previously $0.99) - VigTask is a smart organizer that comes with advanced features. 
  • Word Hive (Previously $3.99) - Word Hive is a great game if you're into spelling words.

Since these are made available by their developers, there's no way of telling how long the apps will be available for free. But you can always check them out before you purchase. If you see a price next to the app instead of "Get", then that means it's no longer free.

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  1. Golden hour one is no longer free.

  2. Thanks for posting this. A perfect addition to this site.

    Is there a similar list of Amazon (Android) apps lately?

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