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Karma Makes Changes To Its Pulse Plans

Earlier today, Sprint MVNO Karma Mobility announced a new low cost plan that will be available under its Pulse prepaid plan lineup. The new plan offers 1GB of mobile broadband data for only $9.99 a month. Another announcement the MVNO made was that they had lowered the current price on its 20GB data plan. Instead of $140 a month, the plan is now available for only $99.99.

With these two new changes in place, Karma Mobility's Pulse plans are now:
  • $9.99/month (NEW) - 1GB of mobile broadband
  • $39.99/month - 5GB of mobile broadband
  • $74.99/month - 10GB of mobile broadband
  • $99.99/month (Previously $140) - 20GB of mobile broadband 
  • $149.99/month - 25GB of mobile broadband
The $149.99 a month plan still has an ongoing promotion until December 31, 2016. Instead of 25GB, the plan includes twice as much mobile broadband; turning it into 50GB.

Looking at Karma's website, it looks like they are no longer offering the Pay As You Go option (Refuel) to new customers. This is unfortunate because data on these plans do not expire unlike the ones under Pulse plans.They also don't rollover but instead, reset every end of the month's cycle.

Update 23-Dec-2016:  Karma's Refull pay as you go option is back on the Karma website. However ReFuel's pricing has increased to $15/GB regardless of how much data you purchase, there's no longer a volume discount. New ReFuel prices are:

  • 1 GB $15 (was $14)
  • 5 GB  $75 (was $59)
  • 10 GB $150 (was $99)

Refuel data never expires and is good until used.

Source: PrepaidMobilePhoneReviews


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  1. Karma isn't really trying. H2O is currently offering 20GB of LTE on the much better AT&T network for $50/month. 20GB per month could replace home internet service for a lot of people.

  2. I'm not sure how this company is still in business. They took months to ship their original karma hotspot and then bait and switched true unlimited data to monthly buckets.

  3. "The new plan offers 1GB of mobile broadband data for only $9.99 a month"

    I have 1 GB a month on Ring Plus, having paid about $20 or so once a few months ago. It's spotty, being Sprint, but no one should have to pay high prices for low Sprint speeds and Sprint's marginal nationwide coverage.

  4. Even T-Mobile has better data plans than Karma. 6GB only costs $35.

  5. "The new plan offers 1GB of mobile broadband data for only $9.99 a month"

    A suggestion for Christine: leave the "only" out of such posts. It makes it sound like you are trying to sell it yourself. It makes sense to leave it in for a really great deal, which this does not count as.

    1. Like she's gonna use your suggestion. She's a freelance. She takes what someone else writes, switches the words around and calls it her own. If the article has her name attached I automatically assume it's mostly rubbish--just like Karma!

    2. Criminy , there's no need to be mean about it, Ebenezer.

    3. Maybe not very diplomatic but Anon. December 24, 2016 at 8:34 AM is correct in his assessment of the pieces "penned by" CT.

  6. "10 GB $150 (was $99)"

    Wow. One of those MVNO's where you pay a lot more to get a lot less. You can get similar deals from several major prepaid carrier divisions and big legit MVNOs for prices ranging from one-quarter to one-third of the $150 being charged for 10GB here.

    If you like Karma, you'd be the type who would love a $30 Big Mac or happily pay Cadillac prices for a Yugo.

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