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H2O Wireless is Giving You a Chance to Win an iPhone 6S

By now, you probably already know that the Apple iPhone 6S costs a lot of money. If you've been dreaming of upgrading to this device, AT&T MVNO H2O Wireless is now giving you a chance to win the iPhone 6S for free!

How to Join H2O Wireless' iPhone 6S Sweepstakes:

Before entering the sweepstakes, you need to sign in or create an account with the MVNO. You should also be under one of the plans eligible for the promotion:
  • $30 monthly unlimited plan
  • $35 monthly unlimited plan
  • $40 monthly unlimited plan
  • $50 monthly unlimited plan
  • $60 monthly unlimited plan

After you have created an account, you need to enroll in Auto Recharge. This will automatically give you one entry into the sweepstakes. However, having multiple enrollments could also disqualify you.

H2O Wireless' iPhone 6S Sweepstakes Promotional Period:

According to the MVNO, the sweepstakes has a promotional period divided into eight weeks; each one starting on Monday 12:01:00 am ET and will be ending on Sunday 11:59:59 pm ET. Each customer who enroll in Auto Recharge during one week will have a chance to join the draw at the end of tat week's promotional period. After the end of the particular promotion week, a winner of the free device will be chosen among the previous week's entries.

H2O Wireless' iPhone 6S Sweepstakes Winner:

Those who will be lucky enough to win the iPhone 6S will receive a notification from H2O Wireless through the contact details they provided upon entering the sweepstakes so make sure to submit an updated email address or phone number for calls or texts. The notification will be sent out after a couple of days since the winner has been drawn. In the event that the winner fails to respond within three business days, he will be deemed ineligible.

On its own, you already get to make the most out of H2O's Auto Recharge service since you get to save 10% from your plan rate each month. With this current promotion, H2O is giving you more reasons to celebrate! The iPhone 6S Sweepstakes ends on February 26, 2017.

H2O Wireless Data Increase Promotion

Apart from giving you a chance to win an iPhone 6S, H2O is currently offering promotional data increase on their monthly plans. However, the offer is only valid until March 31, 2017 so it's not going to be available for too long. With this promotion, here are the data increases that each plan will receive:
  • $30 monthly plan: 3GB (before: 1GB)
  • $35 monthly plan: 4GB (before: 500 MB)
  • $40 monthly plan: 8GB (before: 3GB)
  • $50 monthly plan: 10GB (before: 5GB) 
  • $60 monthly plan: 12GB (before: 6GB) 

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  1. Those plans are old

  2. They are giving an iPhone that can't be used in their service for MMS. They will have to jail break it.

  3. Correction to the article. The rates listed at the beginning of the article are incorrect. The rates listed at the end of the article are correct:

    $30 monthly plan: 3GB LTE (before Dec. 1st: 1GB)
    $35 monthly plan: 4GB LTE (before Dec. 1st: 500 MB)
    $40 monthly plan: 8GB LTE (before Dec. 1st: 3GB)
    $50 monthly plan: 10GB LTE (before Dec. 1st: 5GB)
    $60 monthly plan: 12GB LTE (before Dec. 1st: 6GB)

    See https://www.h2owirelessnow.com/mainControl.php?page=planMonth.

    1. The first set lists H2O's regular everyday plans.

      The second set includes a temporary promotional data increase that applies to activations and plan renewals between Dec 6, 2016 and March 31, 2017.

      See footnote 1 on https://www.h2owirelessnow.com/mainControl.php?page=planMonth

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