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h2o Wireless Will Reward You $25 For Every Successful Referral

h2o Wireless, an MVNO operating under AT&T's network, has just announced a new promotion for its existing subscribers. If you are already a subscriber, you can join in on the prepaid service's Refer-A-Friend reward promotion so you can earn up to $250 each month in h2o rewards. The rewards can be used to pay for h20 service phones and plans.

Whenever you have a friend who switches to h2o Wireless, the MVNO will give you a reward of $25 (up from $15). Each subscriber can refer up to 10 people per month and 120 per year which means you could get $250 per month for the referrals you bring in. There

According to h2o Wireless' announcement, subscribers are eligible to receive the reward once their referred individuals are successfully activated. The referee is introduced to a Monthly Unlimited plan which they will have to port to. Along with the plan, they will get a free SIM card and free shipping. As a welcome gift to them, the MVNO will also provide them a $10 credit they can use on their first recharge.

Prior to today's announcement, h2o Wireless used to reward their subscribers $15 for every referral they bring in. Realizing the importance of word-of-mouth advertising, the MVNO has increased their rewards to show how much they value what their subscribers do for them. To learn more on the referral program, visit the h2o Wireless website.

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  1. what i really want is an at&t mvno plan for $20 with more than 100mb of data without having to sign up with a group plan.

  2. If they could fix their iPhone MMS issues. They would be the go to carrier for AT&T service. They're nailing it.

  3. H2O> Abysmal customer service.

    1. Absolutely. Won't ever port my # to them again.

      "Why are you leaving us?" -> "Uh, why does that matter?"
      "I must know why you are terminating service with us." -> "That's none of your concern."
      "I cannot terminate your service without knowing why." -> "Because your customer service is shit, how about that?"
      Complete silence.

    2. Why even bother? Once you port out, your service is terminated.

    3. H2O even has satellite MVNO's of its own.
      Skyview and Black Wireless. As it it could not get any worse.
      You call them for anything and it is like you are talking to a parrot on Red Bull without a clue.

    4. RedPocket is slightly better.

    5. It's all BS> Referred 4 people and GOT NOTHING!
      Called the POS customer service, they hung up on me.
      It's all total bullshit. you get NOTHING!!!!!
      Lying sacks of shit!

  4. That is $250 per month .. $3000 per year for referring people?

  5. The rewards aren't 'real money'.

    They can only "be redeemed for:

    * Merchandise (i.e. devices and SIM cards)
    * Service plan recharges (excluding auto-recharges or H2O Family and Friends Plan Recharges)

    Points cannot be redeemed for shipping or taxes."


  6. H2o is just trying to regain customers that's have jumped ship due to poor customer service and crazy policies like you can only carry 60 days service on the monthly plans. If you pay 3 months, they won't credit the third. Poor management on the parent company Locus Telecom.

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