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New CallingMart Sale - Save On Prepaid Airtime

Online airtime seller Callingmart.com is having a Martin Luther King Day Sale today through Friday 2/3/2016.

Use the promo codes below to get:

10% Off AT&T GoPhone refills with code MLK1710.

5% Off Verizon, H2O, and Airvoice refills with code: MLK175.

3% Off Red Pocket refills with code MLK173.

If you use a carrier not listed above you may be able get 3% off CallingMart's regular prices by using code ca3p-1207. This code does not expire. Unfortunately it doesn't work for for a number of operators including T-Mobile, T-Mobile, PagePlus or Simple Mobile.

Callingmart codes are only good on purchases of $18 or more.

To get your discount, enter the appropriate code in the "Enter Coupon Code" field on the Shopping Cart page and press the "Apply" button.

If you sign up for CallingMart's free rewards program you can get an extra 1% in rewards credit with every purchase. Rewards credit can be applied to your next order.

CallingMart doesn't charge taxes in any state.

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  1. why $18 requirement?. Sounds odd.. Normally it would be $10 or $20!!!!

  2. I guess it could be considered odd since it's not a round number but it has been that way a long time. BTW a few times in the past when codes applied to page plus I have purchased $10 page plus refill to keep a "grandma" line fed and used their low price guarantee to get around the min. purch. requirement.

  3. I gave these guys and try and I'm sure glad I didn't wait until the last moment on my plan. It seems if you are a first time customer, they have to manually review your purchase.

    1. Good point, my first purchase many years ago was similar. No issues since though, pretty much instant fulfillment.

    2. It's been a while for me, too, but I recall Callingmart calling me back after my first order to confirm some details as a security measure. Not a bad thing, though not expected by customers.

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