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T-Mobile Q4 2016 Preview Shows Total Of 71.5 Million Customers

As promised back in December, T-Mobile is expected to make its next Un-carrier move sometime today. But before the carrier decided to fulfill that promise, they gave a preview of the results of their Q4 2016 earnings.

According to T-Mobile's announcement, the carrier was able to add 2.1 million customers. Out of this number, 1.2 million belonged to postpaid net adds. Looking further into the postpaid net adds, 933,000 were phones. With T-Mobile's new report, it marks the 15th straight quarter that the company was able to add over a million customers.

It's impressive to know that the carrier was able to add a total of 8.2 million customers throughout 2016. This number includes 4.1 million postpaid customers as well as 2.5 million prepaid customers. Prior to last year, T-Mobile had a customer count of 63.3 million subscribers. Now that 2016 is over and the official count is added, the carrier is proud to boast that they now have a total number of 71.5 million customers.

A full look into T-Mobile's Q4 2016 results is set to be released next month so keep an eye out for it if you're interested in this development.

Source: TMONews

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  1. Do they differentiate between customers and lines? They did a free AAL promo which is why I ask

    1. I believe T-Mobile is refering to lines when they say customers. The only AAL I know is American Airlines stock symbol.

    2. Sorry, I meant Add a Line :)

  2. How extensive is this data?

    Are these new customers porters or are they first liners?

    We are consistently getting new people who need new lines?

    That 10 year old a few years ago is no longer ten years old and they may get a line.

    Elder people who travel more and more may want a line.

    People may make their business lines a cell line so that they can communicate anytime anywhere?

    With all this said, it WILL make sense if ALL carriers claim that they have mire customers than ever. The TOTAL customer pool has just grown.

    Is that is indeed what is happening.

    1. The data is from a T-Mobile press release: T-Mobile Delivers Strong Customer Growth - ONCE AGAIN | T-Mobile Newsroom. It's not very extensive.

      Most of the growth in mobile lines is from connected devices, especially cars and IOT devices like shipment tracking, process monitoring, surveillance cameras and burglar alarms. Phone activations have been relatively stagnant lately except for with T-Mobile which has been quite successful in getting other carrier's customers to switch to it.

    2. IoT is potentially a big driver. As I recall, AT&T shut down their 2G network and T-Mobile plans to keep it up for a while. Some of the services Dennis mentioned above don't require more than 2G speeds.

      T-Mobile also does tablet (free-after-24 monthly credits) and AAL (Add a Line) promos. They did one recently where you could add 2 lines for free. Ironically--or perhaps not--this is something like what T-Mobile went after Sprint for: http://www.fiercewireless.com/wireless/t-mobile-s-legere-we-re-already-no-3-if-you-discount-inactive-sprint-mvno-customers

  3. AAL is part of the Tmobile free 2 lines per account promotion they had November 16 so like I pay for one line got 2 free lines 1 I use for tablet they were giving away for free W account credits over black Friday other for office.

    So I added 2 lines but Tmobile credits those back account.

    Only pay for 1 of 3 lines plus received free LG tablet & Samsung phone.

    This no doubt is some of (a lot) probably of gains.

    Add A Line promotion Tmobile gave out 2 free lines all eligible accounts for 2 days week before black Friday.

    1. This AAL is on postpaid only isn't it?

    2. Dennis: this was a postpaid promotion, yes.

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