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Consumer Cellular Makes New Changes to Plans

Consumer Cellular has recently released their February newsletter with a few announcements to their customers. This month, they are joining in on the celebration of Valentine's Day by giving their customers some valuable gifts instead of the typical chocolates or flowers. Here are the things you can expect from the MVNO:

$50 Invoice Credit

As the first gift they are giving away this month, Consumer Cellular is giving the biggest credit they have ever offered. Starting February 1st until March 15th, every new line added onto your account will be entitled to a $50 in invoice credits. Adding a new line costs $10 a month. With the special invoice credit offer, you get to receive a credit of $10 on your next five monthly invoices. This applies to each additional line that stays in service.

So for example, you're adding a line for your wife and your kids. You'll be entitled to a $10 credit on your wife's account for the next five months. For your child's account, you'll also get the same credit. This will proceed for the next five months, as long as the line remains active.

Talk and Connect Plan Changes

Another announcement the AT&T and T-Mobile MVNO made was that they made new changes to their Talk and Connect Plans once again. These plans now come with more minutes, texts and data without any price increase to worry about. Here are the new changes to these plans:

Voice Plans
  • $10 per month plan - 25 cents per minute
  • $15 per month plan - Includes 250 minutes at 6 cents per minute after included minutes
  • $20 per month plan - Includes 1,500 minutes at 3 cents per minute after included minutes (before: 1,000 minutes only)
  • $30 per month plan - Now includes unlimited minutes (before: only 2,000 minutes at 1.50 cent per minute after included minutes)
  • $40 per month plan - Included 4,000 minutes at 1 cent per minute after included minutes)
  • $50 per month plan - Unlimited minutes
Consumer Cellular no longer offers the $40 per month and $50 per month since the new changes mean you can get unlimited minutes for a lower price.

Connect Plans

In addition to their talk plans, the MVNO has added more options to their Connect plans.

  • $2.50 monthly fee - includes 300 texts and 30MB of data
  • $5 monthly fee - includes 2000 texts and 200MB of data
  • $10 monthly fee - includes unlimited texts and 500MB of data (before: only 5,000 texts)
  • $20 monthly fee - includes unlimited texts and 1.5 GB of data
  • $30 monthly fee - includes unlimited texts and 3GB of data
  • $40 monthly fee - includes unlimited texts and 5GB of data (before: only 4GB of data)
According to the MVNO, no further action needs to be done in order to enjoy these improved plan changes. Your plan will automatically be upgraded and you can see the new minutes, texts and/or data changes on your next invoice.

Apart from these changes, Consumer Cellular has updated its website so you can expect to see a different website when you visit for more information.

Source: ConsumerCellular


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  1. A great improvement, but far from a game-changer, although I would hardly expect it from an MVNO. Shocked it wasn't the T-Mobile side of their offerings.

    1. The changes apply to both AT&T and T-Mobile based Consumer Cellular accounts.

    2. Alright, perhaps I read the article wrong, zeroing in on the AT&T offering. Nonetheless, and improvement, although to turn a profit, the can't cause any disruption.

  2. Is that really CC's logo? It needs to be changed. It looks like a sad face.

    1. lol... it does look like a sad face...

  3. I hear so many nice things about their customer service, I wish data was more plentiful and not so expensive

  4. Dennis..Does CC still include ATT roaming on T-Mobile..and /or. T-Mobile roaming on ATT towers? And if so voice or data or both?? This would make a HUGE diff for a T-Mobile plan..Thanx

    1. Consumer Cellular still roams. They show the AT&T postpaid coverage map as their coverage map. so coverage for AT&T based accounts should be the same as with AT&T postpaid.

      Consumer Cellular doesn't mention T-Mobile on their site or show a map for their T-Mobile coverage but I suspect it's the same a T-Mobile postpaid.

  5. IMO All Consumer Cellular articles should come with a note indicating how they are different then most other mvnos and run credit checks.

    Kudos to Consumer Cellular for making these changes a part of their operating philosophy

    1. IMO if someone is really considering CC, they should research the carrier beyond a price change article and along with other sources, read Dennis' carrier profile: http://www.prepaidphonenews.com/2013/11/no-contract-operator-profile-consumer.html

      This goes for any carrier.

  6. Does CC included taxes/fees in the prices above or are they extra?

    1. Taxes are extra and high as they include telecom business tax passthroughs.

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