h2o Wireless Extends 50% Off First Month Offer

h2o Wireless has some bit of good news for those interested to get service from them. Although the announcement isn't actually new, the prepaid phone and internet service provider has just extended the 50% off the first month offer they gave last time. Instead of the original plan to end the offer on Jan. 31, 2017, the company turned to HowardForums to give readers a heads up on their ongoing promotions. One of these promotions is the announcement that they were extending the 50% off promo until the end of February. Below are more details of the promotion:
50% Off on First Month Promo

Get 50% off any new monthly plan purchased from h2owirelessnow.com. Each purchase is entitled to receive a free SIM card together with the plan. The plans included available under this offer are the following:

  • $15 per month - 3GB of data (Originally: $30 per month)
  • $20 per month - 8GB of data (Originally: $40 per month)
  • $25 per month - 10GB of data (Originally: $50 per month)
  • $30 per month - 12GB of data (Originally: $60 per month)
If you are interested in this offer, you may visit the Facebook page so you can get the promo code to use upon checkout.

iPhone 6s Sweepstakes

Apart from offering the 50% off on first month promotion, h2o Wireless is also giving away a free iPhone 6s. To be part of the sweepstakes, you simply have to sign-up for Auto-Recharge. h2o Wireless is accepting new Auto-Recharge signups and automatically entering these to be part of the weekly draw for the iPhone 6s they intend to giveaway.


Lastly, h2o Wireless is giving its users a chance to earn $25 in reward credits whenever they refer a friend. At the same time, their friend also gets $10. The credits are rewarded upon completion of the first recharge. If you would like to be part of this, you just need to sign up with h2o Rewards program.

To know more about these offers, visit h2owirelessnow.com

Source: HowardForums 


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  1. It's only $9 or so on eBay. I bought for the last 8 months and used google voice to forward to the monthly h2O number.

    1. So you are buying already activated SIMs on eBay? Do they arrive with the full allotment or is some of the data already used?

    2. Are you using the same h2O account for all of your activations? Do you delete the old line and activate the new line on the same account?

    3. How many months have you chained H20 for?
      And it has been working with no problem?

  2. You activate when recd. full 3gb on day one

  3. What facebook paage?

  4. Why would they advertise for a free iPhone 6s when H2O doesn't support MMS?

    1. They support MMS but not on iPhone. The winner will have to jailbreak to get to use it with H2O.

  5. Ladies and Gentlemen, just don't call customer service. Abysmal.

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