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11 iOS Apps You Can Download for Free (March 2017)

While Nintendo is releasing its next-generation Nintendo Switch console today, iOS app developers have also started to offer specific apps for free. So if you're one of those who aren't interested on playing a game on the new console, you might want to check out these iPhone and iPad apps that are currently available for free.

  • 8-Bit Waterslide (Previously $0.99) - This is an iOS game that features 8-bit graphics and an infinite slider gameplay. 
  • Continual (Previously $7.99) - If you're fond of using Instagram Stories, Continual allows you to post videos that extend over the usual 15-second limit.
  • iPloDev Tuner (Previously $2.99) - You can use this app as a tuner for your guitar, bass, ukulele, and other string instruments.
  • Map Shotter (Previously $0.99) - Map Shotter is an app that allows you to take a screen capture of a map location then later build a photo collage with all the photos you took.
  • Music Player Pro (Previously $0.99) - This app gives you unlimited access to music videos. As long as the video can be searched on YouTube, you can also find it on the app. 
  • noPhone Hour (Previously $0.99) - This app lets you stay off your phone for a specific time so you can concentrate on what you need to do.
  • Q-Chan: Meow Player (Previously $0.99) - The app serves as a tool to catch your cat's attention. Over 250 high quality meow sounds have been embedded into the app, which can be used as a meow alarm.  
  • Secret Sharing Calculator (Previously $0.99) - This app lets you share secrets with your friends safely.
  • Vizzywig (Previously $19.99) - This is an all-in-one movie-making app that you can use on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. The app comes as the original 2014 version. The newer 2017 version can be purchased from the App Store for $99.
  • Zombie Judgment Day (Previously $0.99) - If you're fond of games wherein you play to kill zombies, this app is something that you'll find interesting. 
  • Zombie Quest (Previously $0.99) - Another zombie game that you can download for free is Zombie Quest. This is a classic strategy game where you need to kill zombies for fun.

Since these are made available by their developers, there's no way of telling how long the apps will be available for free. But you can always check them out before you purchase. If you see a price next to the app instead of "Get", then that means it's no longer free.

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  1. Continual is not free

  2. Our cat likes the Meow Player app.

  3. On topic news... iPhones are quite relevant to prepaid phone users.

  4. Welcome to Free App News.

    1. You might have a case if such stories were common instead of rare. But keep whining!

    2. Just another Apple-hater. Probably loves the Android app articles. If not, still using a Windows orphan phone, Blackberry or dumbphone.

    3. "Just another Apple-hater. Probably loves the Android app articles. If not, still using a Windows orphan phone, Blackberry or dumbphone."

      Yeah, and they probably put ketchup on steak, wear a Members Only jacket, insist that the $30 T-Mobile secret plan really is secret, and their favorite Batman was George Clooney.

  5. free apps from china with zero ratings? hmm... whats next? social security painted on the side of my car?

    1. Gonna put a reverse peep hole on my apartment door now...

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