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CallingMart Releases Spring Break 2017 Special Discounts

CallingMart has just released their new discounts in time for Spring Break 2017. 

10% Off AT&T refills with coupon code SPRG1710

Applicable for:
  • GoPhone
  • GoPhone Load-to-Phone (RTR)
  • GoPhone monthly plans
5% Off Verizon, H20, & Airvoice refills with coupon code SPRG175

Applicable for:
  • Verizon
  • Verizon Load-to-Phone (Top-Up)
  • Verizon Unlimited Plans
  • Verizon Data Plans
  • H2O
  • H2O Load-to-Phone 
  • H2O monthly plans
  • H2O monthly plans Load-to-Phone
  • Airvoice GSM
  • Airvoice GSM Load-to-Phone
  • Airvoice GSM Monthly Plan
  • Airvoice GSM Monthly Load-to-Phone
3% Off Red Pocket with coupon code SPRG173

Applicable for:
  • Red Pocket Mobile CDMAS
  • Red Pocket Mobile GSMA
  • Red Pocket Mobile Monthly Plan CDMAS
  • Red Pocket Mobile Monthly Plan CDMAV
  • Red Pocket Mobile Monthly Plan GSMA

The coupon codes posted here may be used with a minimum purchase of $18. The codes are valid from today until April 14, 2017.

Source: CallingMart



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  1. Great timing for me, thanks!

  2. I just wish they would offer refills on the Red Pocket Essential plan. Even without the discount I would prefer to use CallingMart.

  3. Mothers Day CallingMart Discounts NOW available. http://marketing.callingmart.com/promo/

  4. Target is having a 5% off sale (plus addnl. 5% if you have a Target RedCard).

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