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FreedomPop Offers New Business Plan With 2GB of Data for Free

FreedomPop, an MVNO running on AT&T and Sprint's network, has unveiled a new smartphone plan they released earlier today. According to the MVNO, the plan is intended for small business owners who can use the service for free, just like the other cell phone plans offered by FreedomPop.

The MVNO's new basic free business plan includes unlimited talk, text and 2GB of LTE data per month. Even though FreedomPop's other free plans also come with unlimited talk and text, this new basic free business plan features a higher data allotment compared to the rest.

Individuals interested in the new business plan offered by FreedomPop will have to get the minimum 2 lines of service before being eligible for the plan. Additional lines may be added beyond the 2 free lines at $10 per line. The data on the plan may be shared by up to 25GB on up to 50 lines at a price of $10 per line. As of this writing, there is some confusion on whether the plan supports 25 or 50 lines of service since the website shows a different story as the one on the release.

Other features included in the plan are free visual voicemail and MMS. Users also have tools to let them manage their accounts and devices under one bill. The MVNO promises that business plan users will receive enhanced customer support.

Beyond the allotted 2GB of data per month, customers may purchase additional shared data as an upgrade at the following prices:

  • 4GB of data: $34.99 per month
  • 10GB of data: $74.99 per month
  • 25GB of data: $159.99 

Since this business plan is fairly new, FreedomPop is offering 4GB of shared data for the first month of service free of charge as part of its launching promo. They are also offering the LG Tribute LS660 for $29.99 each in groups of 4, as part of the new service launch.

Source: BestMVNO


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  1. Is it real cellular voice or data voice?

  2. Have they fixed the echo on the F3 yet?

    If not, I wouldn't touch their service with a 100ft pole.

    They have a bad habit of ignoring whatever breaks and moving right onto their next offer instead.

    The only way I'd ever actually give them the time of day is if they offered at least 5GB of LTE with unlimited talk and text on AT&T for $20/mo, with all the premium services thrown in for free.

  3. Looks like the family plan but costs more. Still no byod. So, I would give it a C whereas their sim is a solid A-.

  4. FreedomPop single line phone plans have changed. You should update their carrier review. https://bestmvno.com/mvnos/freedompop/#cell-phone-plans

  5. Link to the new FreedomPop Business Plan:

  6. What do you have to provide as proof of your business?

  7. Anyway to get plan without buying device? Just need sim card

  8. I think there is no BYOD on this and for each line you have to buy an LG Tribute for $30. Service will be Sprint.

  9. Judging from the phone offered, this service uses Sprint service.

  10. I found this link:


    2GB shared data,
    two lines minimum (it makes it only 1GB per line)
    no wording about free premium voice (?)
    no BYOD available
    the coverage map includes Sprint's off-network roaming - really?

  11. I finally found this offer (I think) at https://business.freedompop.com
    Err, wait, I'm not seeing $30 LG Tribute phones listed there, so maybe there is some other URL.

    It seems like you have to buy phones from them. The offer I'm seeing is Huawei Union Y538 for $60. The next page tries to steer you toward 4GB data shared for free, but limited time offer. Price goes to $35/mo after free trial period. You can select a 2GB shared data plan, but the fine print at the bottom doesn't change. And then the final page finally gives you the real deal. "Small business line access fee, $10/month."

    So the initial cost is $140 + $10 shipping for the two phones and two lines access fee. Then $20 per month.

    If anyone finds the deal with the Tribute phones, please post URL.

    Oh, isn't FreedomPop the one that starts limiting your data at 80% of usage? (or maybe just the last 100MB is limited?) So maybe this is more like 1600MB for two lines, for $20/mo.

    1. They don't limit at 100MB. They will automatically add $15.00 in account credit to your account to cover any possible overages. Alternatively, you can just disable the Top-Up for $5.00 in account credit. So if you want to never disable Top-Up, then you'd set a data limit to 900MB for instance on your device. Otherwise just pay the one-time fee to disable Top-Up, and you keep that $5.00 in credits in case you ever exceed the limits. You can also use up to the full amount of your data though it may cut off within 100MB. Note that there's a two hour reporting delay, so I generally see about 95-100% data usage on 1GB.

  12. Is this unlimited talk and text through their OTT app and not straight through the carrier?

  13. Att or Sprint?

  14. Is the no line fee forever? For all 4 phones? What about if you downgrade to a free plan? Seems too good to be true.

  15. Are the 2GB shared between the two lines or does each line get 2GB?

  16. Which network is this plan on?

    Must you buy a phone from Freedom Pop for this plan or can you use a compatible phone?

    Can I switch from another FP plan to this plan?

  17. You get what you pay for

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