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Pure TalkUSA Makes Changes to Unlimited Plans and Family Plan Offers

Pure TalkUSA, an MVNO operating under AT&T's network, has released new improvements to its monthly unlimited plans and Family Plan options. According to the MVNO, they have improved their plan offers to give more choices to their customers.

Here are the new plan changes you'll find on Pure TalkUSA's website: 

Pure TalkUSA Unlimited Plans

Pure TalkUSA has improved the high speed data allotment for the Unlimited $29 and $35 plans. Instead of the original 1GB and 2GB (respectively) high speed data allotment, the MVNO has added 0.5GB to each of these plans. This means that the plans now have 1.5GB and 2.5GB high speed data allotment for each month.

Another change the MVNO made on its Unlimited Plan is that they have lowered the price of the $50 plan. The plan now costs $5 less, yet still provides the same 4GB of data per month.

Based on the recent changes Pure TalkUSA made, the monthly Unlimited Plan options now include the following:

  • $24 Unlimited Plan - Comes with unlimited talk, text, 200 MMS and 200MB of data (unchanged)
  • $29 Unlimited Plan - Comes with unlimited talk, text, unlimited MMS and 1.5GB of data (formerly 1GB of data)
  • $35 Unlimited Plan - Comes with unlimited talk, text, unlimited MMS and 2.5GB of data (formerly 2GB of data)
  • $45 Unlimited Plan - Comes with unlimited talk, text, unlimited MMS and 4GB of data (formerly $50)

Pure TalkUSA Family Plan

As for the MVNO's Family Plan, Pure TalkUSA announced that they have simplified the options under it. Prior to today's change, the MVNO used to offer up to five lines for $5 per line. This included the following minute allotments:
  • $10 per month - Included 160 minutes
  • $20 per month - Included 400 minutes
  • $30 per month - Included 700 minutes
  • $40 per month - Included 1100 minutes
  • $50 per month - Included 1500 minutes
Today's change now brings new things to the Family Plan. Customers are now able to add up to four lines under one account. The other new changes include the following:
  • Two lines do not get a discount
  • Three lines get 10% off of total monthly bill
  • Four lines get 15% off of total monthly bill
In order to enjoy these discounts, the customer needs to enroll the account under autopay. He must also set the maximum amount of dollar and minutes for each line to use. 

Source: Pure TalkUSA


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  1. YAWN... again, these little tit-for-tat changes... smh

    1. Go to sleep then :P

    2. The improvements are modest because PureTalkUSA already offers some of the best deals and service in the market. We are current PureTalkUSA customers and are happy to receive the extra data allotment!

    3. I get 750min/or/2250 texts for a miserly $12.95 a month. Can't beat that deal on an AT&T MVNO without some sort of workaround.


    4. Dale, which Att mvno do u use?

    5. PureTalk USA. Grandfathered 500 minute plan. It's now replaced by the $15 600/2700 (600 minutes sliding to 900 after six months). It also comes with 100MB of data and 100 MMS. If you do it right, you can purchase additional data then cancel on before (on??) your next months billing and it will roll over. So far I'm on 10 months of it rolling over.

      Great company to deal with!


    6. Clarification.... 900/2700 after six months. (600/1800 plus 150 sign up bonus initially)


    7. Grandfathered plans are not interesting to the rest of us. We can only look at what is available today.

    8. I saw someone selling one of these grandfathered plans on eBay for $860. I think I might put in a bid myself.

  2. This entire article could have been replaced with
    The $29 and $35 plans get 500MB extra, the $50 plan drops to $45 and the family plans are still from the 90s

  3. An observation..Have had 4 lines for several years with Pure Talk.Excellent CS people,plus the signal and data speeds are excellent..As long as your not a big data user I would highly recommend their services.

  4. $30 and 1.5GB on AT&T is pretty good value as most AT&T MVNOs give 1GB at most.

  5. It is very old school to assume that the user is male! One (notice not he/she) needs to get used to using one, the user or they instead of he or she when the gender is unknown. BTW, I am male.

    Quote: "He must also set the maximum amount of dollar ..."

    1. "It is very old school to assume that the user is male! "

      It is still de rigueur in traditional writing. The politically correct will always find something to unleash their prescriptive pedantry on; but any sane person knows conventional style and will not consider "he" sexist. "They" is a poor substitute, as it implies a plural. Use of "one" where it doesn't belong is rather clumsy also.

      It is unfortunate that intelligence and literacy and proper use of of English is denigrated as "old school".

    2. de rigueur (de rê-gœr´) adjective
      Required by the current fashion or custom; socially obligatory.

      I am afraid that your Latin has failed you. It is definitely not the current custom and a column about cellular phones is not traditional.

      It is simply logically wrong when the writer has no knowledge of the reader's gender, anymore than guessing the reader's name.

    3. "I am afraid that your Latin has failed you..."

      Ensnared in your own pedantry: "de rigueur" is actually from the French.

    4. OK, your French has failed you. Still, I can't believe that anyone thinks that it is proper to assume the male pronoun for this web site. Look around and you will see women using cell phones. Not just a few, but just about all of them. Languages evolve with society and you are hopelessly behind the times.

  6. Gophone's 6GB plan with autopay (for $43 total) is better.

    Nowadays you either need a 5GB buffer in case of emergencies or, if you really put your mobile data connection to good use, an unlimited plan to cover all that Netflix streaming you do while slacking off at work.

  7. Thank you, Christine, for using the correct generic "he".

    And to Dennis for not bowdlerizing her news item.

  8. Pure talk is a great product and for an independent mvno, they are pretty respectable. I just wish they left some meat on the bones and had a real dealer program rather then that outdated talk/text option only called Pure Prepaid...

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