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T-Mobile Reveals What's In Store for Next Week's T-Mobile Tuesday

Earlier this week, T-Mobile unveiled its latest T-Mobile Tuesday offering; which was something their music-loving customers would surely enjoy. Today, the carrier is once again releasing next Tuesday's offering ahead of time.

On its website, T-Mobile listed down the different freebies their customers can enjoy exclusively. To start with, T-Mobile customers can enjoy a one-year Fast Company magazine subscription for free, which will be a total of 10 issues. Customers who want to have custom-made business cards, banners, t-shirts, and other items may also get $15 off on their order at Vistaprint.

Next Tuesday's loot is also ideal for foodies. T-Mobile has partnered with Edible Arrangements to send out a free Edible Pineapple Pop to all of its customers. Aside from the free Edible Pineapple Pop, Edible Arrangements will also be giving one grand prize winner a full arrangement or Dipped Fruit box every month for an entire year. Delivery of each box is included.

There will also be five First Prize winners who will receive a Delightful Taste of Edible Gift Basket, which comes with salted caramel banana truffles, chocolate-dipped strawberries, cantaloupe balls, semisweet chocolate-dipped pineapple daisies, and many of other items. The prize also includes delivery.

Lastly, fifty (50) Second Prize winners will get an Edible Signature Chocolate Box from Edible Arrangements (plus shipping).

And since Mother's Day is nearing, T-Mobile is helping its customers gear up for the special day. Customers can get a free Mother's Day Card from Inkly. You can upload photos you wish to include to your card as well as a handwritten message for your mom.

Source: T-Mobile Tuesdays

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  1. I know general T-Mobile news is of great interest to prepaid users due to MetroPCS and the MVNO's...

    But isn't T-Mobile Tuesday specifically limited to postpaid?

  2. It's difficult to believe anyone can benefit from such drivel.

  3. Do prepaid customers receive Tuesday benefits?

    1. Only the millennial ones.

      Entitlement, you know.

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