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This Week's T-Mobile Tuesdays Might Send You to the Billboard Music Awards

This week's T-Mobile Tuesday freebies is all about music. If you're a fan of listening to music, this is something you should be checking out.

To start with, T-Mobile is offering free music streaming from artists nominated by the Billboard Music Award. The freebie includes a 12-week digital subscription to the magazine along with a 25% discount on most JBL speakers available from T-Mobile stores. This includes Bluetooth speakers and headphones.

T-Mobile subscribers can also enjoy 25 cents off for every gallon of gas they buy at Shell. So if you're driving a car and you need to gas up, you can save some money from Shell. The discount, however, is only applicable for as much as 20 gallons of fuel or $5 off.

Apart from the freebies, customers will also get a chance to win a trip to attend the 2017 Billboard Music Awards held in Las Vegas on May 21st. The winner may bring a friend along for the trip where they can both enjoy the following inclusions in the grand prize:

  • Two nights hotel accommodation in a standard double occupancy room
  • Two tickets to the Billboard Music Awards
  • Walk on the Magenta Carpet
  • Attend the after party
  • $500 spending money
  • $2,915 check for taxes and other expenses

There will also be consolation prizes to be given away:
  • 50 First Prize winners: JBLXtreme speaker (worth $299.99)
  • 100 Second Prize winners: JBL E55BT Bluetooth headphones (worth $149.99)
  To learn more about T-Mobile Tuesdays, visit the website.

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  1. Where's the Weekly phone deals article? Hope Dennis is OK.

    1. Hi! Dennis is on a vacation. I'll be working on the phone deals until he gets back.

  2. Other than signing up directly with t-mobile and doing a credit check or prepaying with deposit for no credit check are there any other avenues to getting this outside of the t-mobile business re-sellers like 4GAS,Teltik,nettalk etc...

  3. A swing and a miss.

    Try again next week, T-mo.

  4. MetroPCS bumped up the $30 plan from 1GB to 2GB

  5. MetroPCS is giving 2 lines, 2GB Unlimited TnT for $50 when you switch from another network. You also get 2 free Samsung Galaxy J3, or $70 off other phones.

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