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TPO Mobile Offers Up to 50% on First Month on Select Plans

TPO Mobile is enticing smartphone customers to switch to their service once again. The MVNO operating under T-Mobile and Sprint has lowered the cost of its monthly service for individuals who decide to make the switch.

TPO Mobile 50% Off on First Month

Based on this promotion, TPO Mobile will be offering two of its plans at 50% off for the first month instead of the original promotion that offered these plans at 20% off for the first three months. The plans that are covered under this promotion are the $21 Kind and $26 People's plan.

TPO Mobile's promotion for the $30 Noble and $40 Caring plans remain unchanged at 10% off for the first three months. This also extends to TPO Mobile's 35% off discount on the first three months of its $25 Tablet and $44 International North America plans.

If you wish to make the switch to TPO Mobile, you have until April 9, 2017 to activate your SIM card so that you can receive the discount.


It's also possible to get service through POWER2WOMEN pack. When you choose to go through this route, you will be donating 10% of your bill to female charities, Women Thrive, Kiva, and NBCF (National Breast Cancer Foundation).

TPO Mobile Infinity Promo Plan

Apart from offering the discount on the first month, TPO Mobile announced that they have discontinued the Infinity promo plan. The MVNO previously offered this plan under Sprint's CDMA network for $59.99/month ($54.99 with autopay) and included unlimited talk, text, and data with the first 50GB at high speed.

Source: TPO Mobile


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  1. TPO's best value plan is probably the lower end plans like kind and gentle plan. No other gsm provider gives that amount of data for the price unless you go with a bulk provider like Red Pocket or Mint Sim.

  2. The People's Operator ends unlimited data. The company has discontinued the $59.99 Infinity plan.

  3. Always be leery of an MVNO whose name is like that of a ministry in Red China.

  4. I love the irony of comments being censored in regards to an openly liberal and actively political MVNO named after a certain fascist regime.

    Long live Chairman Dennis.

    1. Neither conservative nor liberal off topic political rants are welcome here.

  5. I trust Dennis to continue to be able to express free speech/freedom of the press in controlling his own forum. Nothing he does here is censorship, actually.

    He seems to know the difference between annoying trolls and political dissent. But, of course, annoying trolls never know this difference.

    Long-Live guy, you are free to start your own forum. Please send the link when you do.

    1. FYI, censoring comments on your own blog on the grounds of free speech doesn't mean you're not a censor.

      It just means you're a hypocrite who takes advantage of freedoms you yourself don't extend to others.

      That, and political dissenters are always considered "annoying trolls" by those who approve of suppressing unfavorable jokes and opinions.

      Heck, when even an inoffensive three-word one-liner mocking TPO playing politics gets deleted too, that's also going well above and beyond "off topic political rants" and into the realm of "how dare you disagree with something stated in the article itself!"

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