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AT&T Currently Reaching Out to Unlimited Tablet Data Plans About Policy Change

Just a few months ago, AT&T made changes to its monthly plan offers by adding an unlimited data option. But in actuality, everyone knows that unlimited doesn't really mean unlimited. AT&T, along with several other carriers in operation, have a usage threshold for plan users. Once this threshold is met, data gets deprioritized.

Unfortunately for AT&T users who have grandfathered unlimited tablet data plans, the carrier is planning to follow the same concept onto these plans. According to the carrier, they are in the process of getting in touch with affected tablet data plan users to inform them of the new policy change being put in place. The carrier shares that starting May 24th, these customers will also be susceptible to data deprioritization once the monthly data cap of 22GB has been used up.

Data deprioritization happens once the user experiences reduced speeds in data and an increased latency in a congested network. Once the user moves to an uncongested network or the congestion ends, the speed and latency will normalize.

This policy change for AT&T unlimited tablet data plans is something many do not consider new. The same data deprioritization policy is implemented with the carrier's unlimited smartphone data customers. If anything, it's a surprise that it took the carrier this long before taking this initiative with grandfathered plans. But at least AT&T is giving these users a heads up about the policy change.

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  1. Where can I read up on the technical aspect of running the systems? I would like to understand how the system is physicalky built that does not allow people to maintain their usual usage for the full month. I mean, the system seems to allow EVERYONE to use their regular usage pattern prior to their 22 gigs, but then, at 22 gigs, the system just seems to not be able to handle the load.
    Is it that the system really cannot even handle EVERYONE to use their regular data binging even prior to 22 gigs but ATT is forced to allow it due to competition or that it is never strained and ATT is doing this so that theu could roll out different plans with higher tresholds and get more money out of the public.
    Either answer is acceptable.
    The former from a technical point of view and the later from a business point of view.
    I just wish to know which it really is.

    1. The system can handle the load relatively well.

      They're just being miserly, as well as trying to avoid having wifi-less 24/7 Netflix streamers drag down everyone else's LTE performance.

    2. Not sure what is so hard to understand? Generally, these are mobile systems, a given cell tower is built to support X amount of data flowing out to nearby customers. For a few hours a month, as an example, "something" happens and more people move into range of the tower. It would be physically impossible to pump out more data to them. Now, perhaps the tower could be upgraded (more sectors? etc) but that isn't going to happen overnight. And it would be a business decision, "OK, last month the main street tower was over capacity three hours, should we spend $500K to increase that?"

      As an extreme example, about 1000 yards from me is a football stadium. Ten days in the Fall there are 90,000 people there. The other 355 days of the year I would guess there might be 20 people using AT&T phones near there. (I think they do still bring in COWs - cell-on-wheels/mobile cell towers) to boost capacity those days)

    3. Yeah because an NFL game is the perfect time to stream old Stargate episodes on Netflix.

  2. NEW!! Simple Mobile
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    1. Simple mobile copied metro Pcs 60 and 50 plan.
      But their 25 plan is real good to have 1gb before slowdown, international texting, roaming in Mexico and international calling as well included.
      Hate to say it, but this 25 dollar plan may be the best low cost plan in wireless in the United States today.

    2. That would've been great in 2015.

  3. Metro still offers 30GB, while all the recent news about AT&T seems to be bad news.

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