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Cricket Wireless Now an Official Sponsor of HOBE

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Cricket Wireless has just made an important announcement. Starting today, the carrier is now the official sponsor of Live Nation's House of Blues Entertainment (HOBE). This is the event company's leading group of intimate music venues that manages to accommodation over 5,000 shows every year. And having a reach of over 4 million customers, it definitely is the best place for Cricket Wireless to be doing business in.

According to the announcement, the sponsorship will allow the carrier to have its own presence at each of the 30 HOBE locations throughout the country. The partnership also paves the way for the carrier to launch its "Cricket Wireless Concert Series", where they can showcase different talents at certain venues.

The sponsorship will also allow fans to enjoy different HOBE perks from the carrier such as discounts on HOBE restaurants and merchandise purchases through the Cricket Rewards app. It also gives an option to "skip the line" and access to VIP seating upgrades, sweepstakes opportunities, and many more.

Cricket Wireless will also be launching "Live from the Cricket Lounge", a new digital livestream series that will include behind-the-scenes interviews and exclusive performances from HOBE touring artists. As of now, there has not yet been any official announcement regarding the livestream series but more details are expected to be released soon.

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  1. There's less locations than there are states, and the subject matter is so niche that only a small subset of the people living around those areas would be interested.

    And of the people who would be interested, they're probably too snobbish to even be using Cricket.

    This is basically a whole lot of nothing, as the appeal is so extremely limited that it'd be a wonder if even a fraction of this blog's visitors found it relevant to their location, interests AND choice of carrier.

    And considering Cricket's reputation for courting more urban, less sophisticated types of customers, this even seems at odds with what their target demographics would actually benefit from.

    1. AGREED. I'm sorry but this is a hogwash article.

  2. What the OP said.

  3. There is more and more of this nonsensical propaganda on the site lately. Dennis, please don't jump the shark.

  4. I'd rather see lower plan prices, better customer service and more data.

  5. Some general info for Cricket users...I went over the 22 gig level on the unlimited plan last period by 2 gigs... No slowdown in speed.

  6. I read "Cricket funds hoboes" and moved on ...

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