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h2o Wireless (Again) Extends Life Cycle of Double Data Promotion

Back in the beginning of May, h2o Wireless announced that they would be extending the Double Data Promotion once again. Originally, the promotion was slated to run throughout the month of December. But since the AT&T MVNO saw much potential for it, they decided to extend the promotion to the end of February, and again in May.

Over at HowardForums, a representative from h2o Wireless announced that the double data promotion is, again, being extended for the third time. The post on the forum shares:
Hey guys! I just wanted to give you all a quick update. The data promotion has been extended until June 30th!

This will most likely be the final date for this promotion before we revise our permanent plan structures. I'll give you more information regarding our post-promotion data allowances in the next week or so. 
With the double data promotion in place, the MVNO offers these monthly unlimited plans:
  • $30 per month ($27 with autopay) - includes 3GB of data (Originally 1GB of data) 
  • $40 per month ($36 with autopay) - includes 8GB of data (Originally 3GB of data) 
  • $50 per month ($45 with autopay) - includes 10GB of data (Originally 5GB of data) 
  • $60 per month $54 with autopay) - includes 12GB of data (Originally 6GB of data) 
Each of these plans come with unlimited talk, text, international talk and text. Once the high speed data allotment is consumed before the month ends, data speed is throttled to 2G.

In addition to the double data promotion, the MVNO is also offering new customers 50% off the first month of service when they the use of the code "50off" when purchasing a SIM and a monthly unlimited plan. The promotion also includes free shipping and a free SIM card.

Again, this could most likely be the last time h2o Wireless extends the promotion so it's best to take advantage of it while it's still available.

Source: HowardForums


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  1. Soooo it's both DOUBLE DATA & HALF PRICE?

    I'm confused.

    1. There are two separate promotions:
      Double data for all customers until June 30.
      50% off the first month for new activations only.
      The promotions can be combined.

  2. I don't think it's half off just double data right

  3. They ever fix their iPhone/MMS issues?

    1. I can help with you that.If you have android just go to settings, mobile networks, access points:
      name:H20, access points name:att.mvno ,mmsc:htt://mms.cingular.com , multimedia message proxy: ,multimedia message port:80 , apn type:default,mms,supl
      Good luck.

    2. Nope if you have a iPhone no mms no group text

  4. make these price changes permanent, pl0x

  5. At least keep the unlimited 2g on the $30 plan.
    It will still allow for some web and email and whatsapp.

  6. $27 with 3GB + unlimited 2G data is good deal. Also international service can't beat any other carriers.

  7. Additionally, I wonder they might be add VoLTE and WiFi Calling?

  8. just make these prices permanent, stop teasing us!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. As I've said before, buyer beware.

    H2O may be throttled and deproritized to the point where the service is slower and less reliable than even Cricket.

    In some areas, it'll seem like you're actually on a Sprint MVNO.

    GoPhone doesn't have these problems, which means the AT&T network isn't at fault.

    Even though this seems like a good deal, it's best to stick with carriers that provide at least reliable service at all times.

    1. I have it and it's not throttled but no mms or group text on iPhone

    2. It might be a geographical issue, but if that were the case then there wouldn't be a difference of tens of mbps between GoPhone and H2O (since both are supposedly unthrottled) like there is here.

      When even Cricket gets 8, there's no doubt that (at leadt in some areas) something fishy is going on with H2O when it only gets around 3.

  10. Must have never used H2O before then.

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