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Lycamobile Unveils New Family Plan, 2X Data and 3 for 2 Promotions

Lycamobile customers, the MVNO has something in store for you.

Earlier today, the T-Mobile MVNO announced a couple of things-- the first is that they will be offering 10GB LTE data on the first month of service for new customers who enroll for the $45 plan. In addition to this, the MVNO is offering a special promotion for new subscribers who sign up for 3 months of service and pay in advance.

 New Family Plan

Lycamobile has launched a multi-line family plan as a way of targeting its customers who required two or more lines. Under the MVNO, subscribers have a way to save money on the $45 single line plan, which includes unlimited talk, text, 5GB of LTE data, and international calling to over 28 countries. With the discount in place, the price for the plan becomes:
  • 2 lines for $80 (instead of $90)
  • 3 lines for  $105 (instead of $135)
  • 4 lines for $120 (instead of $180)
  • 5 lines for $125 (instead of $225)
Currently, the new family plan is not available online,  only from Lycamobile dealers or by calling Lycamobile customer support.

2X Data on First Month of Service Promotion

As part of a limited time offer, new customers who want to get the $45 plan as a single line may enjoy twice as much allotted data for the first month of service. This means that for one month, new customers can get 10GB of LTE data instead of 5GB.

3 Months of Service for the Price of 2 Promotion

Another promotion the MVNO has lined up for new subscribers is that they can get 3 months of service for the price of two. According to the announcement made by Lycamobile, customers can enjoy a free month as long as they sign up for 3 months of service. This promotion is applicable on the following plans:

  • $29 per month - This includes unlimited calls to over 50 countries, text, 1GB of LTE data, and $2.50 international calling credits.  (3 months of service for only $58 instead of $87)
  • $39 per month - This includes unlimited calls to over 70 countries, text, 1GB of LTE data, and $6.25 international calling credits. (3 months of service for $78 instead of $117)
  • $49 per month - This includes unlimited calls to over 27 countries, text, 1GB of LTE data, and $25 international calling credits. (3 months of service for $98 instead of $147)

Unfortunately, Lycamobile does not have options to subscribe to either of these promotions through their website. In order to sign up for a plan, you will need to visit a local dealer or give them a phone call at 1-845-301-1612 or 1-866-277-3221. 

The Family Plan is available until cancelled.  The 2X Data and 3 Months for the Price of Two promotions are valid until May 31, 2017.

Source: BestMVNO


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  1. I don't get this company... Its very name sounds like a car driven by a 4th rate superhero, or a spin-off of Lycos search engine.

    "Quick, Pigeon. Let's get back to the Lycacave and figure out the Limericker's latest dastardly plot!'

    1. I thought this service was just for werewolves.

    2. You're thinking of Lycan Mobile, which already shut down after the Twilight bump fizzled out.

      Apparently customers weren't impressed by a carrier associated with hairy, smelly, ungroomed guys with poor hygene, no shirts and a complete lack of impulse control, at least now that Hollywood isn't glamorizing any of that.

      Lyca's the one that gimped their prepaid plan, failed to lower prices or increase data, and effectively knocked themselves out of the running.

      They're nothing more than a relic from 3 or 4 years ago, before RingPlus (in 2015), Cricket (in 2016) and Mintsim (currently) stole the spotlight.

  2. .... With LTE only during the full moon.

  3. Which MVNO is best for brooding sparkly vampires?

    1. Verizon postpaid.

      When you live forever, paying top dollar means nothing after centuries of compounding interest.

  4. Lyca offers unlimited talk/text/1 Gb 4 LTE, calling to foreign countries,and unlimited throttled data for $20.70 taxes included with autopay - Hard to beat in my opinion.

    1. Unless you need more than 1GB, which a lot of people do.

  5. Jungle Bells,
    This one smells
    Karma needs more cash
    Lycamobile, lost its wheel
    Just throw them in the trash...

  6. Did the yellow comment moderation message get nixed, or is that just when third party cookies are turned off?

    1. I didn't change anything in the comment system. Maybe Blogger did.

      Do comments work at all with 3rd party comments blocked? They didn't used to.

    2. Huh, seems like rejecting third party cookies makes it look like the comment field resets, even though comments still go through without any notification.

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