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New Pure TalkUSA Customers Get One Free Month of Service for Signups Until June 30

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Earlier this week, Pure TalkUSA announced that they will be offering a free one month trial period to new subscribers. According to the AT&T MVNO, the promotion will be applicable to people who decide to signup from May 15 until June 30, 2017.

Customers may opt to bring their own phone when they signup as any AT&T compatible or GSM unlocked phone will work with the MVNO. Another option is to buy a device from the MVNO directly. Unfortunately, Pure TalkUSA offers a limited number of models to choose from; which usually ranges from low to mid-level devices or even older units. As of this writing, the available devices offered by the MVNO include the following:

  • Alcatel One Touch Pixi 3 $50
  • Alcatel Pixi 4 $90 
  • Apple iPhone 6S $649
  • HTC One M8 $215
  • LG Phoenix 2 $105
  • Samsung Galaxy Express 3 $89
  • ZTE Z222 basic phone $25

Subscribers have a limited ability to custom build their phone plans or opt to choose one of the plans the MVNO is offering. The MVNO has unlimited plans that start at $24/month inclusive of unlimited talk and text plus 200MB of data and 200 MMS messages.

Pure TalkUSA offers family plan or multi line discounts that fit each member of the family's needs. Accounts that have two lines of service are entitled to 10% off on their total bill. Meanwhile, those with three lines are entitled to 15% off, and those with four lines are entitled to 20% off.

The promotion does not require any special promo codes or any special purchases needed other than the usual SIM card that costs $3.

Source: BestMVNO


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  1. Wondering if an at&t go phone can be used with this service straight out of the box or must you first have it unlocked?

    1. Unlocking is not necessary; you can use an AT&T GoPhone straight out of the box with PureTalk or any other AT&T MVNO.

  2. If you join AMAC and get one month free, free SIM, $200 off iPhone, $25 off other phones, and much better plan pricing. Promo code AMAC16

  3. There is no need for Pure TalkUSA to offer a wide assortment of phones as they readily accept most unlocked AT&T-compatible phones. There is no advantage to using a phone sold by Pure TalkUSA.

    1. Great point. This is so true also for Cricket or anyone else who accepts BYOD. The carriers' own offerings?

      Well... it's like going to a gas station for the sushi.

    2. But gas stations don't have sushi, so what did you e...nevermind.

  4. Had a Nokia att go phone. Put in a byop TracFone sim card. Got talk and text but no data. Something about changing APN settings.Spent one hour on TracFone website, one hour searching the web, and one hour talking with TracFone rep, but no luck. Took out sim and put it in unlocked Blu phone. Instant success! Not all go phones can be used in mvnos!

    1. It's not the phone. Nokia, Microsoft 635 and 640 GoPhones work fine on MVNOs once you change the APN, whether unlocked or not.

  5. But nobody at TracFone knew how !

  6. Uncompetitive phone/plan pricing and the hassle of juggling sims every month make these one month promos worthless.

    I'd rather they just lowered monthly subscription fees altogether.

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