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Selectel Adds Unlimited 2G Data to Most Plans, Makes Other Improvements

Verizon MVNO Selectel Wireless has notified its dealers that it will be making some improvements to its plans effective Monday, May 15, 2017. Most plans will be getting more data, some will also be getting more texts.  The new plans are listed below with changes indicated with bold (new) and strikeout (fonts).
  • $15/30 days - 3G phones only, 300 Minutes, 300 Unlimited SMS, 15 50 MB Data.
  • $20/30 days  - 500 Minutes, 500 Unlimited SMS, 2.5 50 MB Data.
  • $30/30 days - 1500 Unlimited Minutes, Unlimited SMS/MMS, 1 GB Unlimited Data first 1 GB at high speed.
  • $40/30 days - Unlimited Minutes, Unlimited SMS/MMS, 2 GB Unlimited Data first 3 GB at high speed.
  • $50/30 days - Unlimited Minutes, Unlimited SMS/MMS, 5 GB Unlimited Data first 5 GB at high speed.
  • $70/30 days - Unlimited Minutes, Unlimited SMS/MMS, 7GB Unlimited Data first 7 GB at high speed.
  • $75 yearly plan - 3G phones only, 2000 Minutes, 2000 texts, No Data (Unchanged).
  • $10 Flex Card - add extra or roaming minutes, texts or high speed data to any plan - 5¢/minute, 5¢/text, 5¢/MB (Unchanged).
Selectel's throttled speed after the high speed data allotment is used up is 128 kbps. Like all Verizon MVNOs, "high speed" data is throttled to 5 mbps by Verizon.

The plan improvements have been expected ever since Selectel eliminated no-extra charge voice roaming in March.  Roaming now costs 25¢/minute. Text roaming is still free, Data and MMS are not available while roaming.

Plan improvements are always welcome. But even with the latest changes, Selectel's prices are not very competitive. At every price point except the cheapest ($75 year), one or more of Selectel's Verizon network competitors offers a plan with more data and/or minutes. To see how Selectel stacks up against its direct competition see our Verizon and Verizon MVNO Prepaid Plans Compared post.


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  1. This ain't going to get it done. Unlimited 2G data is not a fair trade in any shape, form or fashion for roaming.

    I have no complaints whatsoever with service I've gotten in 2 years with Selectel, I know they've got to do what they've got to do to try and stay in business (although I don't see where this is going to help them along those lines, and may even accelerate their demise), but I've got to do what I've got to do, too.

    I've messed around to where my next renewal is probably going to go through before I can get another SIM, but it's going to be my last Selectel renewal, porting to Boom or maybe a GSM MVNO.

  2. You and me both. With this news finally out, I just ported from Selectel in under 30 minutes at the AT&T store. Going with the 6GB $45 Gophone plan and ditching the personal hotspot I've been carrying around for the last five years ( first on Verizon, and later on AT&T) to supplement whatever prepaid plan I was on. Seems to me big red just doesn't want its MVNOs to be competitive.

    My only gripe with Selectel is that recently the OLAM was not being updated accurately with usage on the flex card. That's a problem if the card runs out but the system is so behind it looks like you have lots of money left.

    1. Someone on Howard Forums had that problem, ended up porting to Boom because of it.

  3. Walmarts' 2GB Bonus Data I believe, also can be applied to the NEW $40 VZW (2GB) Prepaid Plan. For a total of 4GB of data for $38/month when you use Calling Mart Discount codes.

  4. No unlimited data for $15-20 plan..

    1. Someone has to pay for the data, It should be more expensive IMO.

    2. MVNOs can't offer unlimited data.

      They're just resellers, which means they pay for every MB they sell.

      The only reason they can do talk and text is because the costs are so low thanks to data becoming the main differentiator.

      But it's because data is what's currently driving profit that it costs too much for resellers like Karma to afford en masse.

      Unlimited data will only trickle down to MVNOs after data caps are no longer a thing, but only if the carriers' prepaid divisions don't put them out of business first.

      Give it 2 more years, then see how much Metro's unlimited plan costs.

    3. San Francisco-based MVNO CREDO Mobile has launched a virtual clone of Verizon’s unlimited plan.

  5. Bottom line, if Selectel can't match or beat their competition then they are done.
    They are already behind the eight ball since axing voice roaming which is the only thing that truly differentiated themselves from any other VZW MVNO and then they come out with plans that are basically crap!

    I would not give them past the end of the year if they can not better their competition.

    1. Done? There are plenty of MVNO's, especially on the Sprint end, that have higher prices and worse coverage then the competition .. but amazingly they seem to stay around forever.

    2. You're missing the fact that competition involves more than price.
      Typical prepaid subscribers don't read PPPN. Selectel supports dealers and pays them well.
      Many people who are happy with Selectel will stick with them and enjoy the extra service. If they lose a lot of customers the plans will improve more, but Selectel doesn't have to offer the best plans to survive.

    3. Thumbs up, Anon @ May 13, 2017 at 5:57 AM.

      IF MVNO's had to offer the best plans to survive... or else, there would only be a total of 4 MVNO's in existence.

    4. If you had to provide something better than the competition in order to survive, then the Chrysler company would have gone out of business 60 years ago.

    5. I'm happy with Selectel but I can get more for my money elsewhere. I have not one iota of loyalty to any of these folks and that's the beauty of prepaid, I can be completely selfish and consider my interests and mine alone, it's irrelevant to me that there are folks who don't do their homework on such things at places like this or whether Selectel goes bankrupt five minutes from now.

    6. "If you had to provide something better than the competition in order to survive, then the Chrysler company would have gone out of business 60 years ago."
      You don't know cars - you're off by a decade or so. In 1950s Chrysler made excellent automobiles with Hemi engines for plenty of performance; style; and luxury, e.g., Chrysler 300C, Imperial, Dodge Custom Royal D-500. These cars are very desireable now, bring high prices for nice examples. Chrysler was known for superior engineering before the beancounters got the upper hand later.

    7. You are right. I have too much of a memory in my mind of Iacocca trying to sell us the Aries K ... Government welfare motor company.

    8. Selectel might "keep" some or many of their current customers, but for how long and Selectel is certainly not all that attractive to new subscribers. So the big attraction to a current or potential subscriber is to a service that supposedly pays their "dealers well at the subscribers expense?

      The whole dealer program should have been put to rest several years ago.
      We don't need middlemen scraping off the top to sell us a service and ultimately paying more for that service when you do not use or need one to facilitate service issues or maintaining subscriptions.
      A well organized service provider does not need middlemen to hold the hand of subscribers. If you have to have your hand held by a "dealer" then that says more about the incompetence of the service provider to provide a trouble free service and an easy to use on line management system for the subscriber to maintain their service nd to make the necessary changes. This being something Selectel is seriously lacking and has since their inception, just another reason to look for another service provider.

      Just to note, my Mom uses Selectel, she renewed her subscription the first week of FEB before the full cuts to her service were realized and by the way she did not need a "dealer" to facilitate the renewal.
      Now she pays the same for less total service coverage and more if she needs to use roaming, if in fact Selectel truly offers the same full roaming capabilities they did under the old Post-Paid platform.

      Selectel saved themselves plenty of $$, but they certainly did not pass even a smidgen of that down to my Mom. On top of that Selectel still maintains this ludicrous ban of LTE devices on this $75 plan that seriously limits her from upgrading her current handset. The now defunct $100 yearly plan was an insult to subscribers with a paltry 2.5MB limit to data even with the use of a Flex card.
      I don't see anything keeping my Mom with Selectel other than she has paid up front and will remain until she exhausts her allotment(s) or next renewal, which ever comes first.

    9. "The whole dealer program should have been put to rest several years ago.
      We don't need middlemen scraping off the top..."

      You don't know marketing. Most companies can't reach their whole target market via the web - too much clutter. Selectel uses the dealer 'channel' to find the extra customers they need to be viable. The dealers provide information and perform services your Mom would not have attempted on her own if you had not been there to help (as an informed PPPN reader).
      We prepaid nerds are tiny fraction of Selectel's target market, so don't pretend it's so easy "even a caveMom can do it."

    10. If Selectel actually wanted to be competitive then they would do away with any sort of dealer middleman and just provide rates competitive with what is already available and build a decent OLAM to facilitate what most other MVNOs allow their subscribers to perform.

      I would say they are presently swirling the toilet bowl.

    11. Eliminating dealer compensation would put Selectel out of business this year. They couldn't drop rates low enough in compensation to replace the revenue lost via dealers taking their customers elsewhere. Dumb idea.

    12. I had Selectel. I loved the CS, and actually got someone in upper management to candidly answer my questions. I eventually left due to "no LTE".

      But the dealers were the weakest link for sure! The one I had lost all my account info randomly once. and not long after, they vanished for a couple of weeks as if they had gone out of business. And during this "away" time, my Selectel account shut off because the bungling dealers (cough Freedom Wireless BC) had wrecked my account again.

      I'd have much rather dealt with Selectel directly, with no dealers. I find the storefront dealers to be a liability for Selectel, not a boon.

  6. Where the heck can one even get a 3G-only phone nowadays? Guess you can get a used one & hope its security isn't compromised and the battery isn't worn out, but not something I'd prefer to deal with.

    I would get the $75/1yr 3G deal just for times when out of my normal carrier's range as a form of insurance. That's the only way I'd pay for Verizon's price-gouging service.

    1. You don't need to use a 3G-only phone with the $75/year plan. The Straight Talk iPhone 5 works, the one with the special firmware that allows it to be activated over the air (and turns off LTE). That is what I did for my wife a couple of years ago. Worked fine with the data card - she just wanted iMessage, email and local weather to work. Light surfing was OK, just slow. You can still find these phones if you look hard. They have special model numbers, not regular Verizon models. And the nice thing is you can pop in a LTE SIM and it will work that way too.

    2. "Where the heck can one even get a 3G-only phone nowadays?"

      Get Sprint. It always seems to run 3G (at best) on even top phones when the 3 better carriers blast by at LTE.

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