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T-Mobile's Premium Device Protection Plus Now Includes Safety Against Identity Theft

T-Mobile is in the process of launching a new insurance program that promises to help give your smartphone the protection it needs, along with your personal information. Earlier today, the Un-carrier network announced the new Premium Device Protection (PDP) Plus program, which is slated for a May 7 (Sunday) launch.

According to the announcement, the program will be offering services that will protect your device against theft, loss, hardware service, accidental damage, remote wipe, and AppleCare. Not only is your device protected, your personal information is also secured with the different features included in the protection.

With today's announcement, T-Mobile's Device Protection Plans range from the following:

Device Protection

Protects devices against loss, theft, accidental damage, and hardware service (mechanical breakdown) issues. Fast delivery of replacement devices.

  • Tiers 1-3: $7/month
  • Tiers 4-5: $10/month

Premium Device Protection

This plan includes the basic features included in device protection but comes with Lookout Mobile Security Premium and AppleCare services.

  • Tiers 1-3: $9/month
  • Tiers 4-5: $12/month
JUMP! Program

Apart from protecting your device, T-Mobile's JUMP! Protection plan allows its users to upgrade to the latest smartphones and tablets earlier and more often while continuing to protect their device. This includes the same features found on the Premium Device Protection plan. 
  • Tiers 1-3: $9/month
  • Tiers 4-5: $12/month
Premium Device Protection Plus

This plan includes the features offered under the Premium Device Protection plan but includes McAfee Security for T-Mobile, McAfee ID Protection, and McAfee Content Protection to help ensure you are safe against identity theft, viruses, online threats, and has a password manager. This plan covers up to 10 devices including smartphones, tablets, and personal computers. 

There's also the inclusion of the PLUS Personal Help Desk, a VIP-level access that gives technical support for products connected with T-Mobile devices such as printers, game consoles, and TVs. 
  • Tiers 1-3: $12/month
  • Tiers 4-5: $15/month
JUMP! Plus

Just like JUMP!, the new JUMP! Plus plan includes the option to upgrade to the latest smartphones and tablets. This plan, however, follows the same features included on the new Premium Device Protection Plan, complete with PLUS Personal Help Desk. 

  • Tiers 1-3: $12/month
  • Tiers 4-5: $15/month
Both PDP Plus and JUMP! Plus will be available starting May 7th. But according to the release, devices purchased within the last 60 days (along with protection) may be enrolled in JUMP! Plus.

To know more about any of the protection plans, visit T-Mobile's website.

Source: TMONews

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  1. That's an awful lot of words to describe what's basically a complete scam.

    Just try to be responsible for your device and you won't need any of this.

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