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Teltik Offers Competitive Services to Business Owners

Today's establishments no longer function the same as they once did 10 or 20 years ago. With the emergence of technology, businesses need to consistently be online. Otherwise, they stand to lose customers.

Thankfully, Voice over IP (VoIP) has helped businesses to stay connected, even when business owners are mobile. Through this technology, business owners are able to keep an eye on their web-based portals, continue office communications, and even interact with their customers beyond the walls of their business.

But business owners require a reliable provider to help them with their needs. Teltik Communications, a telecommunications service provider, is exactly the kind of help business owners need. The company targets small to mid-sized businesses throughout the United States by offering plans that come with unlimited talk, text, and data for as low as $25 per month. And since they do not have hidden fees, data overages, rate increases, and contracts, Teltik makes quite an appealing name for every business owner.

The company is an authorized business re-seller that operates with T-Mobile's 4G LTE network. Each plan includes the following features:

  • Unlimited domestic roaming
  • Unlimited calls to and within Canada
  • Unlimited music streaming
  • Unlimited video streaming (on qualified plans)
  • Mobile HotSpot
  • Visual voicemail
  • WiFi calling
  • Rollover data (on qualified plans) 
When an order is placed on Teltik for the first time, the business owner will be given free access to a Private Branch Exchange (PBX) cloud-phone system with a dedicated business phone number that works on a smartphone, office phone, or even a computer. There is also a customized virtual receptionist feature that greets clients in behalf of the business. 

On the part of the business owner, Teltik makes it easy for its customers to get in touch with them as they have a 24-hour customer care hotline with local representatives. They can be reached through phone, chat, or email.

Their sample pricing (before tax) looks like this:

  • $20 (normally $25) - 2GB of 4G LTE data
  • $30 - 6GB of 4G LTE data
  • $40 (normally $45) - Unlimited 4G LTE data (Mobile hotspot at 3G speeds)
  • $45 (normally $50) - Unlimited 4G LTE data (10GB Mobile hotspot) 
  • $50 (normally $55) - Unlimited 4G LTE data (14GB Mobile hotspot) 
  • $65 - Unlimited 4G LTE data (Mobile hotspot)
  • $30 - Tablet plan with Unlimited 4G LTE (Mobile hotspot at 3G speeds)
  • $35 - Tablet plan with Unlimited 4G LTE (10GB Mobile hotspot)

To sign up for Teltik's service, the process is very simple and may even take less than an hour. Find out more about Teltik by visiting their website

Source: Wirefly

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  1. 2GB plan is only $20, not $25, per your source Wirefly.

    1. Pricing information sourced from Teltik website.

  2. Confused couldn't someone utilize mintsim for 10 dollars or less a month for the 2gb. Doesn't seem to be much to make me pay the additional dollars for the same network.

    1. MintSIM is $16.58/month for 2GB and you have to prepay a full year. $11.67/month only while the special lasts.
      Not the same network - they have no roaming, so coverage is only about half.
      Teltik gives you all the Tmo postpaid extras, which are significant.

  3. I looked into this company in the past and the reviews were horrendous. If you're looking for an unlimited plan or multiple lines your prices may be lower by going direct to T-Mobile. With promotions I pay less with T-Mobile direct. For the lesser plans I think one might do better with another provider.

  4. Teltik taxes and fees are described in Para. 6 of the TOS. Unlimited text and data roaming are included in 140+ countries. Voice calls roaming there cost 30c/min. Data rollover is available on the $30 plan.

  5. $15 International Calling option: unlimited calls to 70+ country landlines and 30+ country cellphones. 1000 min./month to Mexico.
    $5 Name ID option tells you who's calling, even if their number is not in the directory.

  6. how does this compare to other Tmo MVNO's? From my calculations you can find a cheaper MVNO, but would have to prepay for 3 months or a whole year. Having roaming is good, but if you aren't traveling that much may not make much difference.

  7. For the data allotments US Mobile seems better

  8. There are several advantages teltik has over the mint MintSim plans. Mintsim 2gb is only promotional. From what I can find, Mintsim's data isn't unlimited and doesn't allow Hotspot as apposed to teltik. And obviously, Mintsim requires many months of commitment and pay. At the 2nd tier, for a few extra bucks, teltik has 1 more gig of data (worth the price difference on its own), unlimited music and video streaming, and Hotspot that can also use the unlimited music and video. Not to mention the cloud service and other features teltik lists. If teltik can prove to be a company that doesn't screw people over, I'm in once t-mobile covers Wisconsin.

    1. Watch the video to see how T-Mo will fill the whole country with 600 MHz spectrum in 10 phases. Meanwhile, you have postpaid roaming coverage across most of WI with Teltik now.

    2. I'm looking at t-mobile mvno's which is limited mostly to the valley and Milwaukee. Also I live just west of the Fox Valley in a spot where their native coverage stops several miles short and roaming doesn't start for several miles past so I literally have zero t-mobile coverage if any kind. Also the only phone that has the 600 mhz is the S8 I believe and I don't buy flagships so I don't know when that frequency will make it down to budget phones or when I'll buy said phone...

    3. "Watch the video to see how T-Mo will fill the whole country with 600 MHz spectrum in 10 phases. Meanwhile, you have postpaid roaming coverage across most of WI with Teltik now. "

      Is the postpaid roaming coverage good, or just a tiny amount of data and then it does?

  9. Teltik used to be a different company name. Can't remember at the moment. They require that you verify your business is really a business.
    They used to be with T-Mobile then went to AT&T and now back to T-Mobile under teltik name

  10. Teltik was previously Harbor Mobile, which suddenly went out if business and left customers scrambling with just a couple days to port out, kept Billing right up to the end, etc. The owner illegally appropriated the customer list, and contracted former Harbor Mobile customers asking them to sign up with the new shell company which has nothing but a PO box for a business address. They're the epitome of shady and unreliable. I would never consider doing business with them.

    1. Very unprofessional, too. I remember how they rain their web site.

  11. Taxes on Teltik are $3 flat

  12. I'm thinking about trying Teltik's $20 plan ($23 w/fee). I'm going to Canada next month, hoping for a smooth process. Teltik chat person says Canada is free, should work just like USA. (but only 128kbps data, I guess. Not a problem for me)

    About this "authorized business re-seller"? I'm assuming this a relationship with T-Mobile? Can I double-check that with TMO? I did a search on TMO's site and don't find a list of authorized resellers.

    Seems like my only risk is that they evaporate and my phone number disappears. Don't want that to happen. Does TMO provide a backstop to prevent that?

    Will probably pick up a Moto G4 Play phone to work with this.

    1. Did some research, Harbor never went out of business. AT&T bullied them and only AT&T lines were closed. The T-Mobile agreement and the lines were never effected and are currently still active with no issue. Found several threads with HM clients confirming this.

      T-Mobile will always give clients of its resellers the opportunity to get their numbers. You can see this with other resellers or MVNO's that had issues in the past.

      I've signed up with Teltik and very happy with their plans and the 24 x 7 customer service is amazing! They respond to chats and calls within seconds.

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