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US Mobile to Launch Additional 4G LTE Network, Our Guess is Verizon

US Mobile made headlines today for an announcement they made on their website. The MVNO unveiled that they were gearing up to launch on the biggest 4G LTE network in the country this coming summer. Upon further information, the MVNO disclosed that they will be the first to launch an a la carte model on this mystery network.

Even though the launch is slated for summer, interested individuals can already sign up for the service so they can enjoy an early bird special exclusive to them. This also gives them earlier access to the service compared to those who sign up on a later date.

With the launch, US Mobile will be able to expand its service to the two best networks in the country. Customers will also be able to customize a plan that best fits their necessities and the network that serves their area. And the best part about this is that US Mobile does not have any plans of changing its prices. This means that the MVNO's current pricing will remain like this:

  • $3 - 100 minutes
  • $5 - 300 minutes
  • $6 - 500 minutes
  • $8 - 1,000 minutes
  • $10 - 2,000 minutes
  • $15 - 5,000 minutes
  • $2 - 100 texts
  • $3 - 300 texts
  • $4 - 500 texts
  • $5 - 1,000 texts
  • $6 - 2,000 texts
  • $7 - Unlimited 
  • $2 - 100 MB
  • $5 - 300 MB
  • $9 - 500 MB
  • $14 - 1 GB
  • $20 - 4 GB
  • $25 - 6 GB
  • $30 - 10 GB
Service Fee - $2 

As of this writing, US Mobile has not disclosed which network they will be launching on. But since they are already operating under T-Mobile's network, it's easy to assume that the new network they will be expanding to is a name often referred to as "the most dependable network in America." Our best bet is Verizon, a guess that mirrors the opinion of both AndroidCentral and BestMVNO. What's yours?

Source: US Mobile


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  1. Verizon capped 5mbps 10gb data for $30 is good deal.

  2. 54 bucks for virtual unlimited talk and text and 10gb data on verizon seems like a good deal to me!

    1. True, or you can also consider T-Mobile's $30 secret plan, which gives you 100 actual minutes, unlimited actual text, and 5 GB of data. But yes, the 10 GB U.S. Mobile plan is an awesome deal, especially if you want to use it as a hotspot!

    2. I thought the T-Mobile $30 plan had been discontinued.

    3. The $30 plan isn't available for new signups

  3. "Most dependable" means the one with the farthest reach or does it mean the one that will go down the least?
    And would Verizon fit both descriptions?

    1. In my experience yes Verizon fits both.

    2. I wonder if what would be cheaper, talk minutes or using Hangouts for calls, and even for SMS. Though things like Uber tend not to work with VoIP numbers.

    3. Hangout calls use about 1 MB per minute. Hangout SMS use less than half a KB each.

      Lyft works with Google Voice and Hangouts numbers and seems to be a more ethical company than Uber.

    4. Lyft also makes it harder to change profile information, including your phone number.

    5. Am I the only one that still uses taxis?

  4. If they're launching service on the most throttled network in America, I would've rather they went with AT&T.

    After all, when the best deals per network for moderate usage look like this...

    300/300/4GB for $30 on US Mobile

    Unl/Unl/6GB for $43 on GoPhone

    Unl/Unl/10GB for $20 on Mintsim

    ...it would've been a much better deal to snag that $30 plan on a network you can bring any cheap unlocked phone to.

    With Verizon, the only phones you can use immediately on an MVNO are overpriced branded phones and costlier universal phones.

    On the other hand, if nothing better comes along, I'll probably take US Mobile up on this deal once I have the time to root and migrate everything over to my G5.

    It'll be about 25% cheaper than GoPhone, with none of the coverage uncertainty that'd come with Mintsim's cheaper T-mobile service.

  5. It's Sprint! Do you think Verizon would actually allow an MVNO to let people on their network for that cheap? It goes against Verizon's business model.

    1. Yes, RedPocket and MyTime Wireless have even lower rates for low usage TnT with data on Verizon. Verizon's business model is to make as much money as possible, and they don't control MVNO prices.

    2. I think VZW does not tell MVNOs how to price their plan offers.

    3. "It's Sprint! Do you think Verizon would actually allow an MVNO to let people on their network for that cheap?"

      Good point.

      It'd be best to get some confirmation on which network this really is, just in case the tagline is misleading.

    4. The Table above that shows the tiers is for T-Mobile service. US Mobile will not confirm if these will also apply to the new service and I suspect they will not.

      Also you can NOT sign up for actual service right now, all you can do is sign up for a notification for when the service goes live.
      "Get early access. Be the first to know and get rewarded as an early bird"

    5. Lotta Karlsson, US Mobile VP of Business Development told me that; "When we launch, prices will stay the same but customers will have the opportunity to optimize their coverage depending on where they live and user habits."

  6. Over at Android Central the article says that the network will dynamically choose the service. Will it be like project fi? Choosing the best available signal.

    1. I believe that Android Central is wrong. US Mobile customers will have to choose between a T-Mobile or a Verizon SIM when they start service.

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