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Consumer Cellular Increases Customer Base To 2.5 Million

According to a recent report published by Bend Bulletin, mobile virtual network operator Consumer Cellular has breached the 2 millionth mark in terms of the number of customers. Looking ahead, the carrier is projecting that it will post revenues of $1 billion next year.

By reaching 2.5 million customers this year, Consumer Cellular has increased its customer base to more than twice the number it had signed up back in 2014. But it is worth noting that despite its rather optimistic prediction of earning $1 billion in 2018, the MVNO’s yearly growth rate actually slowed down last year to around half of the 30 percent growth it had registered three years ago.

Still, being able to sign up 2.5 million customers gives Consumer Cellular a pretty good reason to celebrate, and the carrier did so in a rather unique way. As explained by John Marick, the chief executive officer of the company, Consumer Cellular partnered with Feeding America by providing 2.5 million free meals. For those not familiar with Feeding America, it is a countrywide food-bank organization that directly coordinates with food banks in local communities across the nation.

Consumer Cellular has done strategic moves recently by strengthening its existing business relationship with retail giant Target, and striking a new partnership with major US wireless carrier T-Mobile. The MVNO had successfully conducted a trial run with Target, and the retailer has agreed to serve as a service center for products offered by the carrier. If customers encounter phone-related problems, Consumer Cellular can set them up for an appointment at the nearest Target location. Consumer Cellular also has a partnership with another retailer, Sears, who sells devices from the carrier.

As for T-Mobile, the third biggest carrier in America has set up a virtual cell phone network similar to what AT&T has created with Consumer Cellular. The two major mobile operators happen to utilize compatible software and in service areas complementing each other.

Among the MVNOs currently operating the United States market, Consumer Cellular is considered by many as the second biggest, behind only TracFone (whose parent company is America Movil). In business for more than two decades now, Consumer Cellular offers wireless services using the networks of AT&T and T-Mobile.

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  1. "If customers encounter phone-related problems, Consumer Cellular can set them up for an appointment at the nearest Target location."

    Interesting. So Target employees--salespeople, I guess--are the ones doing the troubleshooting or is there specially trained/retained staff?

    1. Target has specialized phone department employees who wear black shirts instead if the usual red ones.

      The black shirts primary role has been doing postpaid activations for which I believe they receive commissions. I've recently seen Target black shirts assisting prepaid customers with Consumer Cellular activations as well.

      Until recently, the black shirts were outsourced, at first from Radio Shack, latter from Brightstar, but I believe they are now Target employees.

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