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Project Fi Rolling Out New Group Plan Repay Feature

Based on the findings of the Google Consumer Survey on U.S. smartphone owners conducted just last month, over 75% of adults have a wireless plan they share with at least one other individual. This is pretty common for those who have a line under a family plan. But for those who are splitting the bill with other people, calculating the amount can often be difficult. This is exactly why Project Fi has come up with a new group repay option that takes out the excruciating part of splitting the bill with your peers.

What this means is that you no longer have to manually compute for how much you owe anybody in the group. Instead, Project Fi will calculate each member's portion of the bill and send out a payment reminder along with it.  In return, each member can easily make his payment directly through Project Fi. There is even an option to set up a monthly repayment and reminder to make sure you keep receiving your bill notification.

If the plan is under your name, you can pick out a repayment amount for all the other people under the plan. Project Fi will then be the one to send out the repayment notification to the corresponding members of the group plan.

Project Fi has integrated Google Wallet into its system so that each member can easily send and receive payments. All it takes to make the payment is for the plan member to tap on the notification so he can successfully send money to the account holder. The account owner can then automatically cash out these repayments to his debit card or a checking account.

Project Fi has also come up with a payment history under group repay, where you can manage and keep track of all your monthly bills.

If you are on a Project Fi group plan, you can easily get started with group repay. All it takes is heading over to your account billing section where you can manage the settings. This feature is relatively new so it should take until the end of the week to be available to all Project Fi users.

For a limited time, Project Fi will be giving a free month of Fi Basics to both the plan owner and a new member that has been added into the group plan. To know more about this, check out Project Fi's website.

Source: Google Blog


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  1. That sounds like a cool and useful feature, it's the only way I would join a group plan. But it's not much use when every gig costs $10. $40 for one person to have 2 gigs...? That doesn't make any sense. They need new pricing 6 months ago.

    1. Fi's effectively a super-niche product (people in strong USCC coverage markets looking for cheaper options, international travelers who want to use their US SIM overseas and get fast data,) and it isn't priced too badly if your usage is low. 2GB is $40 on Fi, but on T-Mobile--probably the second most international traveler-friendly carrier, it's $60. So if you're at 4GB or less, Fi is possibly a cheaper option, taxes notwithstanding.

  2. It's still $10 for 1gig of data, No Thanks, I'll pass.

  3. I wouldn't join a group plan unless the lines were under decentealized, individually managed accounts.

    A single petty autocrat shouldn't control the entire group plan.

    That, and you should be able to link accounts with strangers for a group plan instead of having to pester the people around you.

    Without any of that, or even a group discount, this offer is absolutely terrible.

    I get that Google doesn't want to dethrone anyone or get into the mobile business, but if they want to change the industry then being completely irrelevant from the start is a funny way of doing it.

    1. Pestering others to join (ie: free marketing) is what makes the service discount a shared incentive for Google. Having full autonomy among a group of strangers brings zero to the table for them.

    2. "Having full autonomy among a group of strangers brings zero to the table for them."

      For once, it's not about them.

      All that matters is what suits customers in general, aside from the trendy hipsters who use Fi ironically while still having a Verizon postpaid phone in their other pocket.

  4. If not all, big chunk of users are high tech/nerds using Project Fi. The claim they do not know how to allocate total cost to members within a group is just kidding. Groups consist of family or very close relatives and NOT penny pinchers. That does not mean grouphead wallet is always open. My guess is this is a buzz. MVNO is becoming very competitive and Google is not touching the price or compatible devices. This group-plan-repay is first trail balloon before something new drop.

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