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Rok Mobile Adds Data on Sprint Plans, Comes Up With Limited Super Plan Promo

Just a month ago, Rok Mobile announced that it would be adding Sprint BYOD unlimited plan options to its customers. Prior to this announcement, the MVNO had been operating under Verizon's network for over a year. By offering prepaid plans on Sprint's network, the MVNO had brought back a partnership they once carried.

Earlier today, Rok Mobile has announced that its Sprint-based plans have been improved. All Sprint plans now come with increased data allotment. The changes to these plans include the following:

  • $20 Plan - Includes unlimited talk and text plus 1GB of hard capped 4G LTE data (formerly 500 MB)
  • $30 Plan - Includes unlimited talk, text and 3GB high speed data (formerly 1GB)
  • $40 Plan - Includes unlimited talk, text and 5GB high speed data (formerly 3GB)
  • $50 Plan - Includes unlimited talk, text and 8GB high speed data (formerly 5GB)

Rok Super Plan Promotion

Apart from increasing the data allotted on its Sprint plans, Rok Mobile has also announced a new promotional plan they will be offering for a limited time. This Sprint-compatible plan, called Rok Super Plan, comes with unlimited talk, text, and 3GB of high speed data for $49/month. Not only that, the plan also includes telemedicine, family roadside assistance, pharmacy savings, ID theft, WiFi Calling App, family legal services, accidental death insurance, and insurance for burial and cremation. This new plan will only be available until August 31, 2017.

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  1. who buys these plans

  2. But the Verizon plans have not increased data allotment?

  3. no one buys these plans when you can get a real company like TMobile for $35. per line including taxes for unlimited service! or Verizon for $45. per line or att for $40. per line or metro pcs for $40. per line all for unlimited!

    1. "Rok" is yet another one of those MVNO's on a lousy carrier (Sprint) that prices itself higher than options on the good carriers.

      And no one buys these plans when they are unknown outside of "Prepaid Phone News". You wonder how they exist?

      Yes, the huge price war between the Big 3 around March and April this year actually removed the reason for many of these rickety pointless MVNO's to even exist. I know in my own experience the price war caused me to leave prepaid and go to postpaid.

  4. Plus taxes and no tethering.

  5. So it's a plan for people in highly dangerous jobs that expect to die on the job, after which their families will sue their employer.

    Might as well call start calling 'em Sweat Shop Mobile.

  6. These guys have the most unusual business model. Anyone even using this service?

  7. I tink h20 is the next to go.

  8. Enter your comment...They really need to get these rates on their Verizon side. The cdma network that actually matters. And add a gsm version...Tmobile or Att doesnt matter. But the main thing is IF they gemore of the samet that will they be able to maintain ir or not. They've done spectacular things in the past followed by even more spectacular crashes, failures and drama. Whether this "new" Rok is truly different or just more of the same remains to be seen...only time will tell

  9. How is their Sprint service anyway? Is it native coverage? I happen to be in a great area for Sprint and hardly ever travel. Their 20 dollar plan looks attractive since I don't use much data. The only problem is all those restrictions Sprint puts on the phones one can use.

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