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Simple Mobile Again Tops Wave7's Independent Prepaid Dealer Survey

Last month Wave7 Research conducted its quarterly Independent Prepaid Dealer Survey. The survey asked 30 independent, multi-brand dealers in 20 NFL cites which prepaid operators they carried and which were the best sellers.

The best selling operator and the one carried by the largest number of dealers was TracFone's Simple Mobile. Simple was sold by 28 out of 30 dealers and was the top seller at 11 dealers, second best at 5 and third best at 7. This is the six quarter in a row that Simple Mobile has been the top operator in availability and sales in Wave7's survey.

Wave7 awarded second place to T-Mobile Prepaid which had a presence in 15 stores and was the top seller at 6 of them and second best at 6 more.

H2O, Ultra Mobile, Net10, and Page Plus also rated highly. H2O, Net10 and Page Plus were each available at  20 of the 30 dealers. Of the three, H2O performed the best, ranking in the top three in sales at 11 dealers. Although widely available, Net10 was an also-ran in sales at 16 of the 20 dealers. Although only sold by 14 dealers, Ultra Mobile was a top seller at eight of them.

Verizon Prepaid, AT&T GoPhone and EasyGo gained dealers. Verizon Prepaid's availability has gone from one dealer in Q4, 2016 to seven in Q2, 2017.  Previously rated as an also-ran in sales, Verizon was also the number three seller at two dealers this time around. GoPhone was sold by four dealers, up from just one last quarter and EasyGo was carried by three dealers in the latest survey, compared with one last quarter.

Wave7 rated Rok Mobile and Red Pocket as  the survey's "losers" due a declining presence and weak sales at the dealers surveyed. At least they did better than  Mango Mobile and Expo Mobile which had a presence in previous Wave7 dealer surveys but were no longer carried by any of the dealer's surveyed this time.

See the table below for the full results of the survey.

Wave7 Independent Prepaid Dealer Survey for 2Q17
Prepaid Carrier Presence among 30 dealers 1st place 2nd place 3rd place Also-ran
Simple Mobile 28 11 5 7 5
H2O Wireless 20 3 2 6 9
PagePlus 20 3 2 1 14
Net10 20 0 1 3 16
T-Mobile Prepaid 15 6 6 0 3
GoSmart 15 1 1 2 11
Ultra Mobile 14 2 4 2 6
Lycamobile 12 0 2 3 7
Boost Mobile 10 2 4 1 3
Telcel America 9 0 1 0 8
Verizon Prepaid 7 0 0 2 5
AT&T GoPhone 4 0 0 0 4
MetroPCS 3 2 1 0 0
EasyGo 3 0 0 0 3
RedPocket 2 0 0 0 2
Univision 2 0 0 0 2
Airvoice 2 0 0 0 2
Selectel  1 0 0 1 0
Others Eco Mobile, and Rok Mobile were available in one store each. They were ranked as also-rans by the dealers who carried them

One again T-Mobile based operators dominated the Wave7 survey. That does not surprise me.  The survey was conducted in cities large enough to have an NFL team. T-Mobile coverage and network performance is at its best in cities. It doesn't hurt that T-Mobile MVNOs tend to have the best pricing, and probably the best dealer commissions as well.

TracFone was also dominant with five of its brands in the top ten in dealer availability. It's very difficult for independent MVNOs to compete with TracFone's  huge marketing budget, strong distribution network and large number of brands.  Among the independents only H2O and Ultra Mobile were able to hold their own.


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  1. So they are pushing the worse ones ... gee thanks

  2. No thank you Tracfone.

  3. Replies
    1. A good question. So many of these "independed" evaluators are actually funded by those whom they evaluate, so it ends up being like the ones who win the awards are paying to get the good awards.

      However, so far, it seems that Wave 7 is legit.

    2. I didn't do more than click on their link and peruse the website, but Wave7 wasn't overly impressive. Couldn't find this survey, and the sample size is very small. Better than no info, I suppose, but I wouldn't take their conclusions as gospel.

  4. Say what you will but TF continues to improve service and offer competitive pricing...even leasing for the segment of consumers all else forget....not so great credit & no credit!

    1. Are you able to objectively qualify that the TracFone companies are improving service?

    2. Typical Carlos Slime - take advantage & provide abusive ripoff customer disservice circus to those with few to no other options.

    3. >"Are you able to objectively qualify that the TracFone companies are improving service?"

      Of course anon June 5, 2017 at 8:24 AM can't. For non objective "proof" refuting any supposed improvement just take a look at the comments in the family mobile piece on this site. A lot of unhappy people after they encounter Movil CS for the first time.

  5. Airvoice for AT&T MVNO, Ultra for T-Mobile.
    All others are just numbers. Quality of service is what matters!!!!!!!!!

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