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Sprint MVNO Charge: To End Operations on June 30th

Back in January, Charge announced that they would be reverting back to their original practice as a data only provider. Prior to this announcement, the Sprint MVNO started to offer talk and text plans to its customers. The change was brought about when the company realized there was a large enough demand to include these services.

Today, the MVNO has made another announcement and it's something that will sadden the MVNO's users. A representative for the MVNO reached out to its customers to inform them that the company will no longer be functioning as an MVNO starting June 30th. The reason behind this is that the growth of their data-only service was not as sturdy as they anticipated.

So what does today's news mean for Charge customers?

If you currently have service with Charge, the MVNO is recommending that you switch providers before the end of the month otherwise, your service will be terminated. Charge says that they will be sending out a last warning before they end their operations.

To help its customers, Charge has reached an agreement with Ting. Instead of paying $6/month for a line, Charge customers who switch to Ting can avail of the $3/month special rate. And since Ting also operates on Sprint's network, the switch should be relatively smooth and easy.

If you decide to transfer service and keep your phone number, you will need your porting "account" number and PIN. You can can find this on your Charge account dashboard under the "triple-dot" dropdown menu under the device section. Each device and phone number on your account has a different "account" number and PIN so make sure to get each one if you have more than one active device with the MVNO.

On the other hand, if you do not want to keep your phone number, you can cancel your service with Charge and start service with a new number at a new carrier you have chosen. Once you decide to transfer or cancel your service with Charge, you will be refunded with any of the remaining data on your account that you have already paid.

To know more about the arrangement Charge has made with Ting, check out this website. If you require more clarifications on this announcement, you may get in touch with Charge via email or their Twitter channels.

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  1. Sprint is a sinking ship with draconian activation restrictions, so nothing of value was lost.

    It's also a hilarious slap in the face to Ting's current subscriber base.

    Orphaned customers might as well switch to Mintsim now.

    1. I did mint with h20 for even cheaper.

    2. "Sprint is a sinking ship with draconian activation restrictions...."

      A garbage scow among providers.

  2. Queen: Another One Bites The Dust

  3. News Alert: Despite the prevalence of people looking up from typing Bigfoot-sighting blog posts in order to vent about baseless conspiracies involving RingPlus customers, "Change" has failed for one reason and one reason only: it failed to provide a service that was compelling into today's still-crowded carrier and MVNO market.

    As for the bloggers, get back to it. I hear the Mothman was sighted near Frederick MD, and the Carolina Sleestak is on the prowl again.

  4. Believe it or not these creatures are real

    1. Sleestak lightning on my trail
      It's a dire situation, they are on my trail

      West Virginia has its Moth Man,
      Pan handlers' got their Skunk Ape.
      But I have a tazer and night vision goggles,
      Costco rolls of black duct tape.
      It's got red eyes, it's got razor claws,
      It's got green skin, no it ain't a meth-head.
      And after studying its behavior, objectively and critically,
      I believe I have a reliable method.

  5. So I see Ting got involved in this one also @ $3.instead of $6.
    Guess they have to charge something for getting a bunch of well...

    1. ....a bunch of well-heeled upstanding citizens.

  6. You are right about the activation problems plaguing this company. I've got a Moto G5 that has an IMEI that is deemed incompatible with sprint even though it was previously on SPRINT! derpy derp! No one, not even their top tech supports can figure out how to put my IMEI on the compatible list. Even the FCC can't get them to put it in (still ongoing case). So yeah something is wrong with their structure, their tech dept must be in an old war bunker with no way in or out.

    1. Charge shut down five months ago, how and why are you still trying to activate a phone on a defunct service?

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