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Sprint Prepaid Re-branded as New Sprint Forward

Sprint appears to be announcing big things this week. Just yesterday, they announced that its prepaid arm, Virgin Mobile, will exclusively be selling iPhones starting June 27. Along with this announcement, the carrier revealed a new $1/year Inner Circle plan promotion for its customers.

It seems like Sprint's big announcements are far from over. Earlier today, the company revealed that they have re-branded their own Sprint Prepaid arm as the new Sprint Forward. On its website, Sprint calls this as a "new flexible, affordable, pay in advance rate plan".

Along with this, the company has come up with new single line and family plan options to offer:

Sprint Forward Single Line Plan

This new plan comes with unlimited talk, text and 4GB of 4G LTE data for $45/month ($40 with AutoPay. The plan also includes Unlimited International Texting and Mobile Hotspot.

It does not require an activation fee. Customers under this new plan can get $5 AutoPay discount applied on their second month of service.

Update: Fierce Wireless is reporting that according to a Sprint spokesperson, there's also an unadvertised $65 ($60 with AutoPay) Sprint Forward plan that includes unlimited voice, messaging and data with "mobile-optimized" (throttled) streaming video, games and music.

The old Sprint Prepaid plans looked like this:

  • $45/month ($40 with autopay) - unlimited talk, messaging and data with the first 3 GB at high speeds.
  • $55/month ($50 with autopay) - unlimited talk, messaging and data with the first 5 GB at high speeds.
  • $65/month ($60 with autopay) - unlimited talk, messaging and unlimited high speed data.
The new Sprint Forward Single Line Plan comes with 4GB at high speed instead of just 3GB.

Sprint Forward Family Plan

Sprint has also included a new Family Plan under Sprint Forward. A $5 AutoPay discount is included on the primary line and $15 monthly saving on line 2-5 is included. Customers who opt for this plan can save more money since they can get 2 lines for $70/month, 3 lines for $100/month, 4 lines for $130 or $5 lines for $160. The plan comes with unlimited talk and text and 4 GB of 4G LTE high speed data for each line. There is also a Go Unlimited option that includes "unlimited" un-throttled data. That makes the unlimited family plan $110 for two lines or $160 for three, $210 for four or $260for five lines.

On all Sprint Forward plans video is streamed at up to 480p+ resolution, music at up to 500 Kbps, streaming cloud gaming at up to 2Mbps. During times of network congestion, data deprioritization may occur.

If you wish to sign up for a Sprint Forward Family Plan, here are the necessary steps you need to make:

For new customers:
  1. Purchase a Sprint Forward phone or bring your own compatible phone.
  2. Activate your new phone and select a Family Plan. 
  3. In My Account, pay one monthly charge for all your lines.
  4. Invite your family (or friends/co-workers) to join your Family Plan through My Account
  5. After the invitation is accepted, ask them to choose their $45 or $65 Family Plan and any additional monthly recurring charges to be credited on the account.
Existing customers may also follow the same steps, starting from the third step.

To learn more about the new Sprint Forward plans, visit their website.

Update 7/3/2017, Sprint Forward now supports limited BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). The Sprint Forward FAQ has a new Bring your own device section that includes a list of eligible Sprint (BYOSD) and non-Sprint (BYOFD) devices.

Source: Sprint


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  1. Problem 1 > Purchase a Sprint Forward phone - No BYOD.

  2. On this day and age there are universal phones and you still have to buy a proprietary Sprint phone which likely wont work on postpaid Boost or Virgin or Sprint mvnos anyway? They should go Androids and flips only as Virgin is now iphone only. But these rates suck...the idea sucks...Sprint sucks...have a cable company buy them out...please! lol. Sprint forward? More like Sprint Backwards...
    Sprint can make all thr changesvthey want but if they don't stick to theur changes , they will keep on going where theyve been going since 2005...nowhere....and with a Tmobile merger possibility garnering a possible $130 million golden parachute for the Sprint mvno, why should they even bother when they get paid more to lose then to win. In contrast John Legere from Tmobile currently gets less salary then the Sprint Ceo...and if Tmo buys Sprint he gets less then half of what the Sprint guys get..where the hell is yhe logic in that? Oh thats right, there is no logic in Sprint...

  3. Gophone already offers 6GB of unthrottled, high-priority data on AT&T for $43 after autopay.

    This is just another trashy non-deal from everyone's unfavorite zombie carrier.

  4. just GIVE IT UP sprint. You hear that now?

    1. No, of course they can't hear you. They are on Sprint phones.

      "No Bars ins Most Places"

  5. There is also an option to Go Unlimited or opt for 4GB of 4G LTE high speed data for each line.

    what is Go Unlimited?

    1. I think it just means you can select an unlimited data option. 'Go' shouldn't be capitalized.

  6. Meant to mention this in connection with the Virgin announcement ... called VM today and learned they are still selling Android phones ... the link is on the management my account page ... presumably they are just going to sell off their current stock.

    1. I'm guessing they'll keep doing that until the 27th and then whatever is left, Sprint re-provisions.

      Do Virgin Mobile phones come with physical branding?

    2. Older ones did but for the last two or three years all the Virgin Mobile (also Boost and Sprint) phones I've seen have been unbranded.

  7. Sprint as fast as you can away from this company. How on earth can you sell prepaid without BYOD. Unbelievable amount of hubris from this company.

  8. Spring only had Sprint Prepaid(I mean forward) so they can sell devices and service to customers with bad credit in Sprint retail stores. Otherwise, Boost Mobile is the same service at a lower price(unlimited unhooked for $50) albeit with limited store infrastructure and little customer service. There not really trying to be that competitive with Sprint Forward.

  9. Their Boost mobile already has $45 (with autopay) Unlimited Talk/Text/Highsped Data, also with 8GB hotspot - all using the same Sprint towers and signal ect.

  10. There is no advantage to this! I guess Sprint Forward includes unlimited voice/text roaming but I can find better deals out there ... much better deals.

  11. Nobody thought it could get worse than when Dan Hesse ran the company. Boy, were they wrong...

  12. When Sprint thinks its network is Verizon -sized.or even at&t for that matter.

  13. There's that "forward" again.shudders.

  14. I must've missed it, but where does it say no BYOD? Can't you, for example, go buy a Sprint-compatible iPhone at the Apple Store and use it? Or an unlocked Galaxy S8, etc?

    1. The BYOP policy is very vague. "Sprint Forward devices are specially designed to work with Sprint Forward plans. Sprint Forward plans are limited only to approved Sprint Forward devices; which may include devices from the Sprint device portfolio or devices brought from other carriers. Visit a Sprint Retail Store for specific device compatibility questions." Source: Sprint Prepaid FAQs.

    2. Thanks, Dennis. While "other carriers" could in the narrowest sense be interpreted as Boost/VM, I doubt Sprint is fixing its archaic intra-network BYOP now. So I'll interpret the policy at this time as referring to multi-network phones. Maybe whoever tries will share their experience.

  15. Thays Sprintese for "how do you spell B Y O D?"....lol

  16. Sprint is fast becoming the irrelevant carrier with is changing a plans all the time. A few years from now people are going to be asking about Sprint what because they won't be around

    1. Except they won't ask. People miss companies of yore like Palm Pilot and Commodore.

      They don't miss Packard Bell. Yeah, they don't even ask about it. Sprint will be like that.

    2. "Sprint is fast becoming the irrelevant carrier"

      What's rare is "Sprint" and "Fast" in the same sentence.

  17. SPRINT AWAY... as fast as you can.

  18. The Sprint Forward website has been updated, so the article is out of date.
    BYOP is now allowed (MEID check is not connected yet).
    The FAQ also says you can bring Sprint postpaid phones. Here is the full list:

    "BYOFD Devices:
    iPhone 7 (Verizon only)
    iPhone 7 Plus (Verizon only)
    iPhone SE
    iPhone 6s (Verizon & TMO only)
    iPhone 6s Plus (Verizon & TMO only)
    iPhone 6
    iPhone 6 Plus
    iPhone 5s (Verizon only)
    iPhone 5c (Verizon only)

    "BYOSD Devices:
    Samsung Galaxy S7
    Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
    LG G5
    LG V20
    LG Stylo 2
    LG X Power
    LG Tribute HD
    HTC Bolt
    Samsung J3 Emerge
    Samsung J3
    Samsung Galaxy Tab E
    ANS Slate 8" Tablet
    Samsung SM587 Tablet (Tab A)
    Alcatel One Touch Pixi 7"
    Alcatel One TouchRIDE-FI
    ANS Slate 10" tablet
    Franklin R850 Hotspot
    Alcatel Cinch(feature phone)
    iPhone 6s
    iPhone 6s Plus
    iPhone 6
    iPhone 6 Plus
    iPhone 7
    iPhone 7 Plus
    iPhone SE
    Samsung Galaxy S 5 (G900P)
    Samsung Galaxy S 6 (G920P)
    Sharp Aquos Crystal
    LG G3 (LS990)
    Samsung Galaxy Note 4
    Samsung Galaxy S III T
    LG G3 Vigor (LS885)
    LG G4 (LS991)
    Samsung Note 5 (SM-920P)
    Samsung S 6 Edge (G925)

    1. Sprint Forward also allows mobile hotspot now.

  19. Sprint’s affiliates, wholesale and MVNO president Jim Hyde is leaving the company https://www.fiercewireless.com/wireless/sprint-s-affiliates-and-wholesale-president-jim-hyde-also-leaving-company

  20. Good luck getting that website to work.

  21. Sprint’s 5G network extends to MVNOs SOURCE: https://www.fiercewireless.com/5g/sprint-s-5g-network-extends-to-mvnos

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