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Tello Offers 100 Alcatel OneTouch Fling Flip Phones for Free

With Father's Day coming up real soon, it's only natural for people to look for ways they can show their love and appreciation. One great way to do this is by giving your dad a gift that will be fitting for his needs.

Tello is currently offering a Father's Day promotion where they will be giving 100 Free Alcatel OneTouch Fling flip phone with a purchase of an unlimited talk and text plan. The purchase should be done between June 13 and 15, 2017 (EST) and is only available to 100 devices.

If you wish to avail of this offer, make sure to use the code DAD2017 and open a new account for your dad. Make sure to add the talk and text only plan ($18/month) and the Alcatel OneTouch Fling. You can then use the coupon code upon checkout so you can get the free device.

The discount will only be available to new customers. If you wish to get more information about this promotion, visit Tello's website today.

Source: Tello


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  1. Trash Garbage phone.

  2. The only smartphone whose name fits what should be done with it!

  3. It's a flip phone for older people who have no interest in a smart phone. Guess what? Some people use a phone as phone! I know it's shocking, but it's true you know.

    1. I see FAR many more older (including very elderly) people with smart phones than I do with this primitive flip phones. There's a reason they have almost entirely faded out: they are a lot harder to use.... as a phone, as well.

      Sorry, not all old people are luddites.

    2. true. but sorry there are still a LOT of old people who ARE luddites. not a big deal because that is just the way they are.

    3. I intend on re-balling the LPDDR3 in my G3. There ARE a LOT of young people today that couldn't tie their own shoes without some sort of assistance. I'd like to see the majority of them to do something similar, that might cause me to have a bit more confidence in their future than "Look at the pretty I-fone!"


  4. I don't want to meet the human garbage that gets their father a 3yo Sprint flip phone for Father's Day.

    For stickin' around all those years, the guy's earned at least an unlocked S8 with both a Gophone sim and a $60 airtime card.

    But if the thanks he gets for putting in a good showing is a glorified middle finger, that's just about one of the most off-putting things I can think of.

  5. I'm a father and the only thing I really want on Father's Day is for my kids to put down their smart phones and give me some quality time and conversation which I doubt the luddite name caller above is capable of. If the kid so happens to give me a free flip phone then that's a plus. Lastly I'm pretty proud of the fact that non of my kids act like the above
    name caller.

  6. Tell your dad you love him by giving him a Luddite-friendly burner phone for Father's Day. What can be better?

  7. Luddite or not, I miss having a phone with REAL buttons for the number pad, especially in bright sunlight. Now, make a smartphone with a REAL number pad, that would be great!

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