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US Mobile Launches Redesigned Website with New Features

US Mobile has redesigned its website and has released it with new features suitable for its users. This change comes in after the T-Mobile and Verizon MVNO gave its cell phone plans an update. Not to mention, the MVNO also added in a new unnamed network partner without affecting its prices. With all that has happened in the past month, a newly redesigned website sounds like a great way for US Mobile to give its customers a look at what's to come.

So what does the redesign bring for the MVNO's new customers? 

The new website makes it simpler for new customers to buy and activate a GSM SIM card as well as pick out a plan that best suits him. There's also a new featured called the Annual Savings Calculator, which allows the user to see the annual savings he can get when he decides to switch to US Mobile. Through this new feature, the user can easily add in his current monthly cost or pick an average US phone plan to compare it with US Mobile's plans.

Once a user is decided to get a US Mobile plan, he can easily add a SIM card to his bag so he can be directed to a one-page checkout.

What about US Mobile's existing customers? 

The MVNO has given a lot of thought into its website redesign and has made things easier for its existing customers. For those who have a family or a business plan, the dashboard now comes with an overview of all the lines under the account. Not to mention, it is now a lot easier to add another line in the account since it all requires clicking a button.

The redesigned website also makes it easier for existing customers to see whether or not AutoPay is activated on their account. If this feature is switched off, the user can simply click on the line and slide the AutoPay button to the right under the AutoPay settings.

Despite changing its website, US Mobile has not made any changes to its plan prices. They are still offering new customers a 30-day risk-free trial as well as a complimentary SIM card for students.

If you've visited the newly redesigned US Mobile website already, what do you think of the changes?

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  1. So are they now offering Verizon?!

    1. US Mobile currently only offers T-Mobile and they told me today that it will announce their unnamed partner in a couple months, that partner is rumored to be Verizon.

  2. No mention of Verizon? Verizon was the guess on who the unnamed network partner is.

  3. Ugly update. I really liked their old style. It was clean and easy to read. Oh well.

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