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Future Nokia Smartphones to Feature Zeiss Cameras Once Again

By now, you may have already heard that Nokia is rebuilding itself and staying up to date in the mobile industry. After announcing a series of mid-range Android smartphones for Nokia, the Finnish company HMD Global is once again making headlines for an old partnership it is rekindling.

Earlier today, HMD announced that it would be working with Zeiss in producing quality cameras in its future Nokia models. The partnership certainly brings back a lot of good memories, especially since the camera company had been able to impress many Nokia devices users in its glory days. Most notably, the partnership between Zeiss and Nokia used to produce devices like the Lumia 1020 and 808 PureView-- two devices who had been equipped with stellar camera setups that were ahead of their time.

Although the two companies had already inked a new partnership deal, there's still no word as to which Nokia devices will be available with a Zeiss camera. So far, the existing HMD devices that have been announced do not feature Zeiss optics. But there's a lot to look forward to in the future since the Finnish company had already promised to release a premium handset.

With this renewed partnership with Zeiss, there's certainly a lot of excitement over what new devices HMD may be cooking up in the next year or two. And if they manage to pull it off, it would definitely be a huge comeback for a brand such as Nokia.

Source: HMD Global


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  1. Having ALL the right bands should be a higher priority.

    Their most recent Prime offering doesn't.

    1. Yes, it is pitiful to start out like that(with out all of relvant carrier bands).

  2. I never noticed the "Canencia" name before.
    Congratulations if you recently married. :-)

  3. That's nice and all remembering the Pureview and its phenomenal pics.
    Hopefully they won't go the way alot of other Chinese manufacturers are going and have incompatible LTE bands for North America.

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