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Number of TracFone Retail Stores in the US Grows to 81

The prepaid market has unarguably grown tighter in the last few months. And as each prepaid carrier and MVNO struggles to compete against each other, it can be expected that there will be more prepaid offers to come along the way.

Just recently, America Movil's TracFone upped its game as a way of covering more ground over its competition. The largest MVNO in the US has quietly opened new retail stores throughout the country. As reported by Wave7 Research, TracFone now has a total of 81 stores in the US. The company has opened a total of 16 new stores in California. Its other stores can be found in New York, Ohio, Illinois, Texas, and many others. At the beginning of the year, the MVNO only had eight stores.

Each of these stores carry the different brands that the MVNO offers such as TracFone, Simple Mobile, Total Wireless, Net10, GoSmart, Page Plus, and SafeLink. In addition to this, many can find exclusive deals in these retail stores, many of which aren't available online. The retail stores also provide tablets that help each customer determine the brand and network that best suits them.

Although TracFone seems confident about its move, Wave7 is a bit wary about this decision. According to the publication, the recent in-store checks of the MVNO show that there isn't much people who are paying a visit. The website shared that many customers complained that there were eight brands with different options available. Since some of the stores were often associated with TracFone's brand, it failed to present options to its targeted customers. In particular, it failed to catch the attention of the younger generation as TracFone was perceived as an expendable phone for the older market. Another complaint revealed that the company lacked in its advertising efforts for promoting the stores.

Hopefully, the brand realizes what they are missing out on and improves on them. Otherwise, their newly opened retail stores wouldn't be able to last too long; especially in a fierce market for the prepaid sector.

Source: FierceWireless

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  1. In a word: Yuk.

  2. 81 too many stores

  3. Seven brands under one roof ... is that supposed to be an advantage? It seems the MVNO market is ripe for consolidation at this point as there are just too many different carriers all selling pretty much the exact same thing that is priced only marginally lower than the prepaid branches of the big four.

  4. 7 brands of horrid customer disservice.

  5. 81 stores? Yippeee!

    Come to The Villages! Come to the Villages! Florida's your sweet-spot Slim. ;-)

  6. TracFone Wireless retail store locations:

    I'll have to go check one out :) .

  7. Rather than brick and mortar stores, how about support kiosks in the retail locations their products are sold?
    Would it not be less expensive to bring back stateside support center(s) and properly train them rather than spend these resources on brick and mortar stores?

    Nevertheless, these stores will at least offer much better support for those in close proximity because you will be one on one with the rep and less chance of things going sideways.

    I have little experience with Tracfone Inc subs other than Tracfone and it is unfortunate that TF dug themselves into such a deep hole with their poor C/S leading up to the present, but "TF the service" C/S has actually improved immensely over the last 2 years as well as their on line management tools since their recent website and OLAM overhaul.
    It is still advisable to use chat, especially when performing transfers between current devices and bundled packages that are sold through HSN/QVC to document your current allotments and days of service, for the best C/S outcomes.

    We are low to moderate users and TF is working out extremely well for us using AT&T and VZW BYOP.

    1. Absolutely agree TF should have used the big retailers as an enhanced outlet a long ago. Train those people to be on the front line! At one time it was better. You could get help in a Walmart or Radio Shack for TracFone. it was a big mistake for America Movil not to buy Radio Shack. They made a lot of their sales on cell phones in the later years, and the Sprint limits killed that. What an outlet for the TracFone products without opening new stores!

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