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T-Mobile Gains 1.3 Million Net New Customers in 2Q 2017

T-Mobile has recently released its latest quarterly results, and the third biggest wireless carrier in the United States has managed to gain 1.3 million net new customers during the second quarter of 2017. The significant number of additions were mostly driven by the 786,000 new phone customers that signed up for a branded postpaid mobile phone plan from April through June of this year.

By posting 1.3 million total net additions for 2Q 2017, T-Mobile has now gone through 17 consecutive quarters of adding at least a million activations to its growing customer base. Apart from this streak, the major US wireless carrier was also able to register its lowest postpaid customer turnover rate ever. Its postpaid churn of 1.1 percent is down 17 basis points year-over-year and down 8 basis points quarter-over-quarter. On the prepaid side, T-Mobile added 94,000 activations, and managed a prepaid customer turnover rate of 3.91 percent.

In terms of finances, T-Mobile posted total revenues of $10.2 billion, which is up 10 percent compared to 2Q 2016’s numbers. The company also recorded a net income of $581 million (up 158 percent compared to the previous year). The second quarter also saw the Un-carrier register its best ever total service revenue (at $7.4 billion, up 8 percent year-over-year) and adjusted EBITDA (at $3 billion, improving 19 percent year-over-year).

In its most recent quarterly earnings report, T-Mobile also shared some information about its expansion efforts during the second quarter of this year. The carrier revealed that as of the end of June, it now provides mobile coverage for 315 million people based in the US. By the end of this year, the mobile operator is looking to reach 321 million potential users. The company also stated that it is planning to launch 3,000 new outlets in total this year, with 1,000 T-Mobile stores and 1,100 MetroPCS branches already opened year-to-date.

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  1. Imagine how much money they'd save by shuttering those stores and selling through big box stores and independent dealers instead.

    That's money which could be used to build out their network for increased coverage and speed.

    1. I agree, they need fewer off-mall locations. But, their mall stores need better service. The too numerous Metro stores have poor service as well. Use of big box stores as a replacement would be a welcome change.

  2. Wondering how much the big CEOs are taking in themselves than they will start closing stores down because they ate up their own profits

    1. It probably doesn't matter, as compared to the overall size and money being moved around in a big company, the CEO pay is a drop in the bucket. Or less than that.

      (Supposedly over-high CEO pay really doesn't matter, and is an issue raised by those who are jealous of those are worth a lot more pay. Well, CEO pay matters to the stockholders. It is their business, really, and no one else's.)

  3. Don't forget to mention the 4.4 million wholesale customer loss as a result of the FCC crackdown on unauthorized free govt. phones.

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