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Hurricane Harvey: How Carriers Are Helping Out

A few days ago, Hurricane Harvey made landfall and has since caused a devastation on the cities affected by it. To date, local officials have counted at least 38 deaths and many more injuries caused by the storm. In Houston, the storm has flooded over three feet of rain. And in other areas, the rain has surpassed 50 inches, setting a new record for the continental U.S. The devastation of the hurricane has caused up to 30 percent of land to be flooded in Harris County.

Apart from the deaths, injuries, and the displaced families, Harvey's devastation has prompted the mayor of Houston to impose a curfew. Not only that, billions of dollars have been estimated as the cost of damage this historic storm has brought upon the country.

As the storm continues its way towards the Texas/Louisiana border, it is expected to make a final landfall early Wednesday. After that, it is said to turn into a tropical depression, as it slowly makes its way northeast across Louisiana and Arkansas from Thursday to Saturday. Residents are continuously being evacuated and advised to head to higher ground.

With the amount of devastation Hurricane Harvey has caused, companies have already started pitching in to do their part in helping with relief efforts. So far, companies like Wal-Mart, PepsiCo, Starbucks, Microsoft, Amazon and Whole Foods Market, Home Depot, Lowe's, and many more have already pledged to donate money or their products to help those displaced from the storm. In the telecom industry, the big four carriers have already expressed how they wish to respond to Hurricane Harvey:



AT&T has waived fees for customers affected by Hurricane Harvey. Starting August 26 until at least September 1, AT&T wireless customers in affected areas will receive credits for additional data, voice and text charges. For AT&T Prepaid customers, credits will be given for additional voice and text charges.

In addition to this, the wireless network has pledged a sum of $350,000 to be given to communities such as the Greater Houston Community Fund ($100,000), American Red Cross Hurricane Harvey Fund ($100,000), and the Coastal Bend Community Foundation in South Texas ($50,000).

The AT&T Foundation will also be matching employee donations of up to $50,000 each to the AT&T Employee Disaster Relief Fund, which provides assistance to the AT&T employees residing in areas affected the storm. It will be extending this assistance to Team Rubicon, a disaster response veterans service organization as well.


Sprint has also announced that they will not be charging for calls and texts made from affected customers in Texas and Louisiana from August 26 until September 8. This is implemented across Sprint, Boost, and Virgin Mobile

In addition to waiving charges for calls and texts, they will also be waiving data overage fees for affected customers. 


Right before Hurricane Harvey made landfall, T-Mobile announced that they will be waiving fees for calls and texts made by residents in certain Texas and Louisiana areas from August 25 until September 1.  This includes T-Mobile postpaid, prepaid, and MetroPCS customers. 


Verizon is also doing its part to help its customers affected by the storm. From August 26 until September 15, fees are waived on data, talk, and text charges made by its postpaid and prepaid customers. In addition to this, they have given an extra 3GB of data for its prepaid customers. 

The network has also announced that they will be supporting South Texas by pledging a fund of $10 million that will go towards Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. The network has also deployed mobile equipment such as Cells on Wheels (COWs) and Cells on Light Trucks (COLTS) to act as supplemental service for areas that required extra network capacity. 

Verizon has also gone the extra mile by working closely with a number of local and federal government agencies to assist first responders on the ground with the communications services they require, such as internet access, mobile charging, and other communication needs. 

Big Red has also worked alongside Oath, its subsidiary, in providing financial assistance to affected residents through dollar-for-dollar matches of employees' contributions to relief-focused organizations selected. Not to mention, its own employees that are affected by the storm will be given financial assistance through its VtoV program and employee assistance program. 

Verizon's employees who work in the states affected by the storm are given the opportunity to volunteer for the Harvey recovery effort as a way of reinforcing the network's commitment to the communities it serves. With over 10,000 employees, Verizon promises to give these employees up to a week of paid volunteer time for doing their part in rebuilding damaged communities. 

Stay safe, everyone!

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  1. At&t $350,000 thousand
    Verizon $10 million

    1. 350,000 thousand? So 350 million?

    2. No, AT&T is cheap

  2. The carriers' energy usage caused this problem by contributing to global warming... without which there would be no hurricanes. They are responsible.

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    2. "Please provide a source for this, and it better not be Alex Jones."

      In other words, I am to provide a source but only within the limits of your own bias and prejudice. No thanks.

    3. The planet had no hurricanes before we had cell phones???

    4. No, but hurricanes are much stronger as a result of man-made climate change.

      Your time is about done. Senate Bill 1161, "California Climate Science Truth and Accountability Act" will put in prison anyone who makes uninformed objections to the scientific facts on climate change.

    5. SB 1161 did not pass and it didn't call criminal charges, let alone imprisonment for for anyone. It would have given state and local government more time to sue businesses and organizations that made misleading claims about climate change in advertising.

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  4. About time for some love from Big Red. FINALLY!!!

  5. Where can we send used phones for Harvey victims?

  6. I lost my home and vehicle to Harvey. I'm still having to pay for my cell minutes. I didn't even know these companies were doing this.

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